How Would I Make Money From a Website

Make Money From a Website is a frequent query here at Retired Pay.

Here’s a recent email I received with a couple really good questions. I’ll call the writer who asked, Dan … mainly because that’s not his name … thanks, Dan for giving me something important to write about today:

I was wondering if KWA is worth it? I tried Site Built It 2 yrs ago and quit because I didn’t think my website on running could make money. Do you think a site on my passion of running or bowling will make money? How would I make money from a site like this?
Thanks for your input.

Hello Dan,

Thanks for writing. I’ve been slow on responding to emails for a couple days because of a bit of a family emergency.

Here’s a few thoughts on your questions:

Make Money From a Website — History

Make money from a website
Anyone CAN, but only if they WILL

I tried TKA  The Keyword Academy for a month at the beginning of 2010 and did not decide to continue at that time.

They seem to have a lot of value, but I found their tools and lessons rather scattered about and haphazard, they did not seem well organized.

Again, I want to emphasize they have a great value.

In short, I think TKA/KWA is well worth the cost, but based on your email I don’t know if it would be right for you at this time.  Those who ‘think” they won’t make money are guaranteed not to make money with the TKA, or nay other program for that matter.

I’m going to answer your “how can I make money” question in a fairly direct and straight from the shoulder manner, hope you take it in the spirit offered and not as something personal.

I do not use SBI myself, although that might change in the future … More on that another time.  However, I have recommended it often and I think for a person at your stage … You have the ‘want’ but are very unsure of the ‘how’, I highly recommend SBI. You say you were using SBI but quit because you didn’t think your website could make money. Well, there you go. There is one complete and utter truth in this business. “If you think you can or you think you can’t. you are right.” (Henry Ford, US industrialist, you might have heard of him before 😉 )

No system will work if you think it can not, because you work, your belief and your energy are, indeed, the only thing that can make or break your venture.

The questions you ask regarding “can a site about bowling or a site about running make money’?

Absolutely they can. Pick one and go with it.

Make Money From a Website — Potential

Bowling is a huge, international multinational, multibillion dollar industry. (the first time I ever bowled with modern pin spotters/score keeping equipment was in a far off city in China, my Chinese friend wanted to take me, we had to book for a lane reservation a day in advance, and it was very expensive in typical Chinese terms … More expensive than golf in the USA, for example).

Running? Another huge, world-wide interest item, from elementary school kids to the highest level of Olympians and running professionals. There are hobby and semi-pro and pro runners on every continent, even Antarctica.

So how would you make money from either of these markets (hint, pick one or the other to start with, don’t mix the two together)?

Simple. The same way you could make money from a lemonade stand outside your house on a hot summer day … Find something people want (especially a problem .. Why do I always get these cramps, etc., etc., etc. And Solve the problem for them.

Why, for example, do people make money year after year selling acne medication? Simple, because it’s painful and embarrassing, and people spend to relive pain.  SBI calls this their CTPM process … remember that? Content, Traffic, Pre-sell, Monetize … NO web business I know of make money without using this basic technique.

Go this minute to Google and type in “running” or “bowling” and look at what the top sites are.

Many of them sell products, shoes, books, videos, etc.  For every site you see in Google’s top ten there are a thousand more, lower in the listings, making proportionally less money.  Either of these interests of yours are highly commercialized/potentially profitable.

Make Money From a Website — Alternatives

Site Build It offers maybe half a dozen tool to assess profitability and then help you monetize a site … How many of them did you use? And even id you never used SBI again, have you ever read any of the freebies they give away … Like Ken Evoy’s “Make Your Site Sell”?

In summary, making money … Online or offline is selling … And if you can sell something that talks to people’s “pain” … Even the pain of throwing gutter balls (humiliation), then you are in a great position to make money BUT ONLY IF YOU THINK YOU CAN … Otherwise, forget it.

One of the big problems I see with folks in your position is they fail to realize it is work … You have to devote hours and hours to grinding out what has to get done.  My retired pay site is a good example … It makes very little, and sadly, WAY less than its full potential … Not because online income doesn’t work or because I am not in a profitable niche … I am, but because right now I am working elsewhere.  But no system allows you to put up a site and then wait for profits … Anyone who claims that is a charlatan, avoid them at all costs.

My recommendation, for the level you are at now?  Go back to SBI and follow the program … Don’t skip the brainstorming and keyword selection steps, THAT is what will make you money … Then, put in the hours.

I mean I assume you have a day job now, correct?  How many hours a day do you put into that? If you want to succeed online, you’ve got to think about a similar number of hours for your online business, at least until you get it built … there is no substitute, certainly SBI or anyone else who is honest will say any differently.

Try it for a free or low-cost trial program … but do not even sign up until you have resolved, personally, that you are going to sign up and WORK the program, not sign up and second-guess yourself.  Because if you do not work it, and work it hard, SBI  or TKA, (or any other tool or program) is of no use.

Report back any time with any news, good or bad, I’ll always be happy to hear from you. Best of luck to your success, Dan

So, how much have things changed since this article was written more than a year ago?

Answer:  Not very much.

Among many things I have noted, check the fact that “Dan” never came back to me to report any success, or to tell me he failed, or to say he appreciated the depth of my research into his questions … or even to tell me he thinks I am full of crap.

Bottom line now, in October 2011?

You absolutely can make money with a website.

You absolutely can increase your chances of making money with a good set of tools and a support system.

The Keyword Academy is one proven tool that works, and has been working for years now.

SBI is another proven tool and support system which has worked, and worked well for many for even more years now.

However, and this is an important “however“.

Neither of these tools will make money for you.  So if you think you can sign up to something … these tools or any others you come across and then expect the tool will make you money?

It ain’t going to happen.  As you should know, these links above are affiliate links.  That means if you sign up to either of these programs, I make a commission.

But I ABSOLUTELY do not want your money unless you are going to work at what you buy into.  Abandoning the effort after only a month or two because you have convinced yourself that it will not make money is NOT giving it a real try.

Go buy a fancy power saw and an expensive power nail gun and a high-class paint spray gun.  Drop them on an empty lot, sit back for two months and see what kind of house they build.

Sound ridiculous?

Of course it is.  The tools can no more build you a house on their own than a tool like TKA can make you money.  If you don’t want to work, don’t bother buying, you will never Make Money From a Website simply by buying a tool.


  1. I worked at Time Share in Spain for a while . One thing I learnt, that If you dont belive in it , DONT DO IT.
    DONT MAKE EXCUSES. If you sell a bad or corrupt product you are lying and cheating. not only your client but your self. I remember talking to a verry sucessfull salesman many years ago. He said sell a good product, belive in it, feel good about it. want to sell it. Dont lie to your self or your client.


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