I Wonder How Long Five Slots Will Last?

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I intended to get this post out many hours earlier but this business of not having a day job occasionally has it’s disadvantages as well … not because I’m working that hard but because I don’t have a “real” job I am kind of “fair game” during the week to get things done for family and friends when the “rest of the world” is saving away at their “9 to 5’s”.

I’m certainly nor complaining, though, I would never go back to living in a cubicle no matter what the salary offer.

One of the people I read on a regular basis (and you should too) is Pat Doyle, a lady with some practical ideas, a good outlook on life and blogging and someone younger than my normal target audience who didn’t cling to that cubicle life until she was a senior citizen, but quit her day job … as I often suggest people do too … and has stuck out on her own as a problogger.

Pat’s come up with her own unique one-on-one blog coaching product offering (one of the many things you can do to make money online aside from waiting for AdSense clicks to come in) and it certainly looks interesting to me … sales page is here.

I’ve watched my friend Yaro Starak work up a similar offering over the past ear or so, and he has had some good reports on his product.  So is this a “coming thing” in the Online world?  certainly seems as though it is to me, and I see plenty of opportunity in this market “space”.  Yaro’s program is designed to serve a large clientele with an assortment of multi-media resources and, to a large extent, peer to peer coaching … people following a common path and helping each other through the wickets.

Pat has taken the personal, intensive mentor to trainee route, which, in my view, may work a lot better.  The cost is pretty reasonable, less than a trip to Starbucks per day, and the benefits seem to be outstanding … by limiting the participants to an initial five mentorees it will be very close to hiring your own, proven, one-on-one consultant, and for service like that, from someone with proven credentials, that’s a darn good bargain.

Anyway, my tip for the day is, if you are teetering on the edge of making that all important jump to independence and empowerment of your own life, whether you’re 18 or 80, take a close look at the high quality professional help available out there … it could be the best investment in your future ever …and you don’t really need the over-pried caffeine and calories from Starbucks anyway.

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2 comments on “I Wonder How Long Five Slots Will Last?

  1. Hi Dave, thanks for mentioning my coaching program! Just FYI, it seems the link did not show up in your post. It is:
    Thanks again! — Pat

  2. Ha ha, sprry ’bout that, most likely it didn’t show up because I neglected to put it in … funny thing this blogging software, the thought to publishing interface isn’t yet very well developed 😉

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