If My Focus is on Home Business, Why Do I Talk About the Internet So Much?

Why The Internet is So Important to Home Business,

(Last updated 10 April, 2017)

My blogging and work from home colleague Jim Krukal recently published a post with this interesting graphic.  Keep in mind it is several years old and you can be sure the numbers haven’t gone down any since the survey was taken.

If You Start a Business, How Will They Find You?

Why The Internet is So Important to Home Business

The Old Way Is Not The New Way

When you think about starting a business for yourself … perhaps to empower your retirement … you may not be thinking about anything that  is really on-line based.  That’s fine well and good, but if you ignore the on-line would as one of your primary means of marketing you will be throwing away close to half your potential audience of clients:

What do you think? Is it worth ignoring that many people who might be looking exactly for the service you are interested in?

The Old Way

Recently a friend of mine who lives in a condo development in California told me a story.  He was home with his eight-year-old daughter when they heard someone come up the front steps to their townhouse condo, and then a big “plop” noise of something being dropped and the sound of the steps walking away back down the steps.

“What was that, Daddy”, she asked.

“Open the door and see,” he advised her.

Well out on their front porch was a yellow plastic sack with a thick yellow soft cover book inside.

The girl slipped the book out of the bag and asked her dad what it was.

Yep, at 8 years old this “thoroughly modern Millie” had never seen … a Yellow Pages directory!

After her dad explained what it was and the girl thumbed through some pages, know what her comment was?

“These ads are so ugly and it’s hard to find anything, why don’t people just use the Internet?”

Most Print Advertising Is Compost These Days

Two days later my friend was taking his trash to the complex’s dumpster area, where there was a special dumpster set aside for recycling pick up of the paper business directories.

It was not only overflowing with unwanted Yellow Books already, many were the current edition still fresh in their pristine plastic distribution bags.

He told me that by quickly counting the books in one small stack he could easily estimate at least half or more of the complex residents had just tossed the brand new book away, unneeded and unwanted.

My friend then bumped into the complex’s outdoor gardener/caretaker with a wheelbarrow, bringing more yellow books to the collection point.  The groundskeeper said,

“Always the same every year now, can’t these companies see no one wants their ads”?

So are you as smart as a grounds maintenance man?  I was going to ask if you were as smart as a fifth grader, but at 8, Millie is only in grade three, and she already knows the score.

Can Millie teach us anything, even from the third grade?

This is Why The Internet is So Important to Home Business.

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