In Case You Think There Is No Money In Making Money

image Mark over at … one of my highly recommended regular reads …. presented a little opinion on the boom … or bubble, whichever you prefer, in the current "Make Money Online" bogging niche.

In case you are schooled in stock picking or some other number crunching hobby, you’ll like what you see in this chart right away. (full size view here).  If you don’t have you bifocals on, or don’t care to click away, it’s easy to interpret … these are the searches on Google (and thus the entire Internet) for the phrase "make money online".  The top line is the relative number of searches from 2004 through today, nearly 11/12ths of the way to the end of 2007.  The bottom trace shows the mention of this subject in the news media during the same time frame.

I wouldn’t be qualified to interpret this for you if I were talking about stock … and I won’t bother with interpreting it any farther … you interpret it for yourself and tell me if you think the "make money online" niche is saturated or dead?

I started blogging back in 2004 where you notice that the news media hardly even were aware of the term.  The reason I started was my dear wife ( saw an out of the way news item about Darren Rowse (another of my highly recommended reads) cracking the $1000,000USD per year barrier.  I went and looked at what Darren was doing expecting yet another of those "get rich quick" deals … but was I mistaken.  Darren wasn’t selling anything but his smile, which is always free.  In fact he cautioned so eloquently against trying to replicate his work that the contrary part of my nature took over and I told myself, hey, I can do that too.

I started a blog on Blogspot (I emphatically do not recommend you do it this way), put up a few posts about the very narrow niche of expertise I was currently working in … commercial-grade GPS tracking systems, and from then on, I was hooked.  I made my first penny … and it was only pennies … less than 48 hours after my first blog post and since that day I have made money, consistently.  I am not one of those headliners who makes tens of thousands per month and you’ll never see my name at the top of anyone’s "A-list" … but, in a way, that’s my point. 

YOU, yes you who are reading this can make money online as well.  You must have access to the Internet, since you are reading this, and if you have gotten this far in the article you must have adequate reading comprehension … everything else you need to know is either your own ingrained abilities or the wealth of knowledge you can gain from this tiny blog and all the big name guys and gals out there who give away their secrets, day after day.  The only thing that can stop you is listening to the nay-sayers who can’t read a chart as simple as the one I slugged this article with.  Do it!


  1. Amen and amen! The total for ecommerce this 2007 is more than $200 billion. Anybody else interested for a slice of the pie? 😀

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