Indirect Benefits Of Blogging

OK we’ve all heard a lot of talk every since blogs became popular about the benefits of blogging.  Most often those benefits are centered around money, or the things that lead to money … branding, recognition, traffic, etc.  And a large part of what we read is true.

But there’s a bit more to this blogging game than money or face recognition … at least for me.  It’s a lot to do about the people you meet and the company you keep.Sponso Jack Sincair on his ride across Australia

years ago I started reading a blog that an Australian friend of mine, Brendon Sinclair maintains.  Brendon talks a lot about his business, abut his book … the Web Design Business Kit (not an affiliate link, just a personal recommendation), fantastic value, by the way, and more than a bit about his family.

Just today I learned that Brendon and his older son, Jack, will be riding across Australia later this year.  Riding across the width of Australia is nothing to sneeze at. believe me, but to me the impressive part is how far along the effort already is, mainly because Brendon’s an active blogger and keeps his friend’s informed of thing that are important to him … not just about things that make a profit.

You really should go and look at Brendon’s current news and then you should click on this button  and make a contribution if you have a mind to support a good cause.  Aside from cash contributions, the ride has already received web site design, advertising graphics, use of a top of the line road bike … you name it, it’s all falling into place, mainly because Brendon’s a great guy (but there’s lots of us great guys out there, what else is new) but more importantly because he treats his readers as friends and isn’t afraid to let them into the important things in life.

Are your blog readers friends … or resources to ‘mine’?

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