Is Having A Blog Even Worth It?

If there’s a reader of mine,less any blogger out there who hasn’t looked up at the clock in surprised and asked him/herself, “What in the world have I been doing here today”?, I will eat my hat.  Progress in this business comes somewhat slowly and for sure very sporadically.  And it’s kind of like one of those “Whack a Mole” games … whatever you are dong this moment … including, most assuredly, reading my blog, you probably should be doing something else to try to stay ahead.  Have you posted anything today?  Ahh, thought so … go do that now and then come back, my words will still be here.

A few days ago on ProBlogger Darren ran a very useful survey … Darren runs many surveys, so more interesting than others … note to self, dust off that survey plug-in and get some feed back from RetiredPayWorld readers, ‘K?  Anyway, back to Darren … take a look: How Many Visitors Do You Get On Your Blog?

Yes, my results are in there.  They aren’t very large.  But I’m duly impressed none the less.  People read me.  People interact with me.  I like it.  People will read you too, if you take the time to say something to them.  And although the results on ProBlogger may look less than impressive at first glance, with a little analysis they actually are amazing … this blogging idea is a powerful, powerful media … it dwarfs the scope of any other media today on an international basis … dwarfs is too weak a word …it bows all other forms of media away.  I can’t wait to see how blogging evolves over the next five or ten years.  here’s a bit about the survey and some analysis:


2144 readers responded and 35% of respondents get less than 100 visitors a day.

Doesn’t sound like a lot, eh?  Of course, 70% of the respondents thus get more than 100 readers a day, and that alone is a bit impressive.  How many of us have 100 people a day listening to us?  Not all that many.

0 – 100 – 35%
101 – 250 – 16%
251 – 500 – 12%
501 – 1000 – 10%
1001 – 2500 – 10%
2501 – 5000 – 6%
5001 – 10000 – 3%
10001 – 20000 – 2%
20001+ – 5%

Do a little math here, remembering that this is a very small sample size.  There are thousands of bloggers who have never heard of Darren or others who don’t care to read him or participate.  Even just sticking with ProBlogger alone there are 15 times as many daily readers (at least) than the number who choose to participate.  Extrapolating the numbers reported times 15, we’re looking at a number in the range of 72,000,000 a day being “talked to” and influenced by blogs … know any TV shows who regularly pull an audience of 72,000,000?  Any daily newspapers?

Blogs are big and the growth rate is not getting any slower.  So you can look at blogging as something of a personally rewarding hobby, you can look at it as a small business (or a big one), you can look at it as a “new era” in publishing, but one thing for sure, you will ignore it at your peril.

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