Is Online Money And Finance Real?

I often hear from folks who are doubtful about online entrepreneurship who have the idea that although it may be possible to make money online for a lucky few, those of us who do actually make money online are dealing with some sort of “imitation” or not really real money.

Well let me disabuse you of something … money made online and collected and spent through services like PayPal, as just one example, is as real as it gets … trust me on that.

How Real Is Online Money?

Saw this quite today from a fellow talking about the new PayPal “X” e-commerce platform:

… We’re asking developers to build their innovation, creativity and applications utilizing PayPal’s platform. Our developers are the “X” in the equation, while we provide the payments underpinnings to help them move successfully from “idea” to “money”.

PayPal also has a lot of history with was founded by Elon Musk in 1999 as one of the first Internet banks. It merged with Confinity in 2000 to become PayPal. stood for innovation in payments in its time and the business that helped create now transacts around $2,000 USD per second and represents almost 9 percent of global e-commerce. (my emphasis)

As we embark on the next stage of PayPal’s development, we thought it fitting to honor our origins. Plus, you have to admit, it is just an incredibly cool URL …

Indeed, that’s right,  1999 and online banking.  Yes, it is 10 15 years old, folks.

I hadn’t thought of in years.  Actually, there are just as many single digit URLS as there are supposed to be, 36, but most of them are reserved for use in the top hireachy of Internet doman name service (DDBS).

Congrats to and Elon Musk and Confinity and PayPal themselves.  It’s been a wonderful 10 year ride so far and the next 10 years promise to be just as real as it gets.

Anytime you receive any online income and you DON’T believe that online money and making money on the Internet is real, you can always send it on to me …

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