It Doesn’t Have To Be _That_ Gruesome

Pretty interesting article over at The Motley Fool that cautions seniors to Prepare for a Gruesome Retirement.  I learned a lot from the article and recommend it.  Some may consider me a  “Cockeyed Optimist”, but I can’t really share the author’s totally gloomy attitude, though.  Read  Selena Maranjian‘s Prepare for a Gruesome Retirement and see what you learn.

The fact is, for you younger ones out there who aren’t sitting on reasonable retirement annuities, or worse yet are banking on Social Security, the plan is different, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a plan.


The Plan:

The main issue is, you need to take responsibility for your own future and shop whining.  I hear a lot of younger people whining too … but I get particularly frustrated listening to so many of my fellow seniors who rise and begin bitching about Social Security before breakfast, spend the morning pontificating to all who will listen how the Republicans or the Democrats are the cause of all the world’s problems (pick either one you want, it’s like a high school debating class, you can pick either argument, you’ll just be graded on you debating skills, and then spend the afternoon regaling us all about why whoever they didn’t pick to demonize in the morning will be the savior of the world in the afternoon.  It’s boring.  I don’t like being around most Americans my age or older because they sound like an ungrateful broken record.

Fact One:, No One, Including The Government Owes You A Living!

I can not believe how many people who have made a success of their lives, worked for 40 years, raised children, coped with death, war, disease and a million other adversities can now spend their could-be productive “golden years” focusing on what’s been done to them.  It’s in the past, deal with it and move on.

Fact Two:, There Has Never Been an Easier Time To Earn Honest Money!

Next time you’re complaining about having month left over at the end of your money, don’t write a letter to your Congressman, don’t go down to the community rec center and botch to the other seniors how unfair your life has been, make some extra money and enjoy life.  Believe me, neither potential candidate is worth shortening your life over, and I’ll give you a secret clue … they may talk a good line … but they don’t give a shit about you … especially if you’re older.

Fact Three:, You Can Learn Everything You Need To Be A Successful Online Earner:

You are already equipped … you’re reading this on a computer screen, aren’t you?  You successfully completed 40 or 50 or 60 years of life, didn’t you?  You have enough mental capacity to at least be reading about the problem, have you not?

Then take charge of your retirement.  Empower yourself and just get busy and do something.  To me it’s a heck of a lot more interesting and rewarding that sitting around and complaining about broken promises.

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