Learn From The Masters — Part 2

You may recall I posted a while back on learning from the masters.  I have a whole treasure trove of draft articles on the wisdom that’s already been sent out to help us all, so I better get busy and start working down the "to finish" list.

Scot Standke is along-time Internet entrepreneur who has a lot of things going for him.  Among other things he gives away an excellent service of sending daily niche keyword suggestions, a service I have used several times to "make things happen".

Scot sent an email to subscribers the other day with a ton of good thoughts and I decided to highlight and expand on a few … hopefully those of you who read this bog and have subscribed to it … but are not yet doing something will get off the dime and join in.  The water’s fine.

The true measure of success may be how much time you spend doing exactly what you want…

I don’t know of a single sentence in anybody’s advice philosophy which means more to me.  If you get nothing else, get this.  I can hear you now, "what about money", ‘what about identity theft", ‘what about my online reputation", ‘what about Google not liking me", on and on and on.

All valid concerns … along with 100 more I could come up with … but not rules to live by!  Life is too short!  I was born just a few eye blinks ago … 62 years of eye blinks, actually.  Where has the time gone?  It’s goner mainly to:

  • Waiting for the time to be right
  • Waiting to be sure something is "safe"
  • Waiting for an even better opportunity … you get the idea …

Folks, the railroad runs on a very irregular schedule.  If you want to get down the track before the final curtain, I suggest you get on board the next train.  Might there be a better one later?  Yes, there might be.  But, on the other hand, this one now leaving may be the last!

You know, close to 50,000 people are killed every year on the roads in the US.  Killed. Dead. Gone forever, not inconvenienced or suffered some loss of money.  Finito, kaput, disappeared.  Why is that relevant?  Well, for many of you it is still "Black Friday" in the US.  How many of you chose not to go to the sales because you might wreck?  Or decided not to visit friends or family because it is along holiday weekend?  Not too many, I hope … even though you took a fearsome chance … you certainly could have been killed.

But you didn’t take a stupid or unconsidered chance.  You knew your limitations and the limitations of your car and your local weather and you went off to do something you wanted to do … in spite of the fact you were risking your very life.

You can make money online.  You can empower your retirement.  You can try the theories about business and people you have been considering and reconsidering for years … and it is much safer than a drive to the mall.

Stop wasting your life … no matter if you are 20 or 80 … with hesitation and waiting for the "right time".  The "right time" just arrived.

I am sure there is someone in the history of the Internet who has managed to kill him or herself at the keyboard, but I don’t know of anyone, do you?  I know of thousands of people who have died on the roads, but I still drive every day … don’t you?

Let’s put risk analysis, caution and hesitation in their proper places and get off our behinds and do something!  It won’t kill you.

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