Make 36% On Your Investment, 100% Safe and Legal!

Make 36% ROI?

Yes you can make 36% on your investment!

OK, how’s that for a bit of linkbait. It’s absolutely true, though. And no this is not a scam, it’s not illegal in any way and I am not selling anything or touting anything except regaining your financial health.

You can’t buy anything from me, you have to do this on your own … best of all it’s easy and you can start today.

You also don;t have to Quit Your Day Job, although if you follow this guide it will make it a lot easier when you do decide to quit.

It’s 100% Safe, Legal, Requires No Internet and It’s 100% Guaranteed

Dos this sound too good to be true?  Of course it does, and you know I have warned you often about “business opportunites”, internet scams and such which are “too good to be true”, but I can assure you this is ot one of those.

Go ahead and run it by your accounatand, or chief of police, or even your priest or rabbi.  It passes the “smaeel test”, I guarantee.

My thanks for the inspiration on this go out to John Chow.  John is an Internet entrepreneur type so don’t go there if you don’t want to see some pitches, but John’s smart with his money and offers good advice, so don’t worry about the motivation of the source.

The One Catch

Now the only thing wrong with this technique is, it won’t work for those who aren’t carrying credit card debt.  In other words if you are already smart about wasting your money, this idea can’t help any further.

But some idiotically large percentage of Americans and also my Philippine bretheren think nothing of carying balances on their credit6 cards.

If you Like me, (I’m in the trap too) (proud to say I WAS in the trap and then used this method for several years and I now have NO, Zero, Not Any Credit Card Debt!) ran up a balance and are paying it off, then listen in here, before you rush off to invest in one of those conservative, safe investments like certificates of deposit or some other bank saving instrument, or a whole life insurance policy.  Especially think this through before you buy stock or mutual funds or dump more money into your IRA.

This Investment Is Way More Solid Than Stocks and Bonds and Insurance

Why is my suggestion better than all of those, even better than investment-grade real estate? (Investment grade real estate?  remember that cruel joke?).  Simple. Because it can not fail, is absolutely guaranteed by the credit card agreements you already have in place and unlike any other “standard” investments, it will free up money for a more traditional investment as you profit from your current one.

Make 36% On Your Investment

The Answer Is So Simple You’ll Do a Facepalm

The plain unvarnished truth is, credit card accounts charge 18%, 20%, 25% and more.   There are no usury laws in effect on most credit cards, if you check you’ll find the companies are mostly headquartered in states like Delaware which don’t even have maximum interest laws on their books.  They can charge you 50% interest if they want to … shy is the limit.

And don’t be fooled by those ‘zero percent’ offers.  You run up a debt at zero percent inn a special, preferred customer balance transfer deal?  Then make just one other purchase and all your payments go only to the low or no interest portion of your debt, leaving you recent purchases subject to sky-high interest … and there’s not a darn thing you can do until the low interest balance is paid off.

Why Have You Let This Go On So Long?

So pay those balances now with that tax refund you were going to invest in Google with, or sock into a CD or such.  Every dollar you put in is worth at least the maximum rate the card is charging and …

Every dollar you free up from the tentacles of your credit card issuer is a dollar you’ve already paid tax on and didn’t get to use …  so it’s really worth the maximum rate on that card and also whatever your marginal income tax rate is … perhaps another 18%, 24%, etc.

Get my point? You now know how to Make 36% On Your Investment.


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