Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen To Your Mom

Somewhat scary article here about a senior whose still alive but has trouble convincing others that she is:

Something a little different from my usual rant.  I think it’s important though.  This particular case … a 99 year-old widow made penniless because she didn’t “ask permission” to visit her son may seem a bit over the top, but it happens every day.

If you or your mom (or dad) is dependent upon Social Security, VA Benefits or nay other government annuity, make darn sure someone is watching for any notices or requests for “being alive” verifications.  There are folks at all these agencies whose only job is to make sure pensions aren’t being paid to dead folks … and well that they are there … how many times have we sen the opposite side of this coin where someone had fraudulently collected a dead person’s benefits for years?

But make sure someone is watching the mail box for those loved ones who are still with us, okay?  And if you are the pensioner?  Make sure you aren’t a stupid as an acquaintance of mine who was living on Social Security disability benefits here in the Philippines.  He used his ex-wife’s address as his address for Social Security to send all his disability paperwork to .. and then wrote his ex and bragged how sexy his new 20-yo wife was …. can you believe the coincidence … some paperwork from the SSA somehow didn’t get forwarded to him and he wound up losing his disability checks … coincidence is a bitch or so they say…

Happy Mother’s day.

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