Making Money From “Nothing But A Blog”

Yes, I know I posted a couple ‘eye catchers” over the past few days … those guys like John Chow and Everton Blair making thousands and thousands per month.  The examples are real, but those fellows are not beginners … and they both do a lot “off blog” as well … affiliate sales and such.  That doesn’t make the examples invalid, but they do require a long stretch for a “raw recruit” to dream up to that level.

Well thanks to Pat B. Doyle, a full-time blogger I came across recently, I found a great example of a lesser, but no less noteworthy successful blogging story … a newcomer who earned $400 in his first month, and from a blog alone … in fact, just from AdSense.  His name is Chris Wondra and what caught my eye at first were his reasons for liking blogging … many of them are in direct congruence with mine:

  • Control: you have total control over content, presentation, and deadlines (as opposed to, say, freelance writing).
  • Feedback: A blog (via comments) allows readers and writers to interact like no other media. This can lead to all kinds of possibilities, including forging relationships, collaboration and heck who knows.
  • Fans: If you’re a good writer with something interesting to say, you’ll quickly build an audience.
  • On-line credentials: Who knows where that can lead, right?
  • Money: And (if your lucky, or smart, or both) you even have the chance to make a few bucks.

This post is about that last bullet: blogging for money….  Go read Chris’ $400 first month blogging success article here …

But get a cup of coffee first, it’s a thoroughly “meaty” meal with a lot to digest.


  1. It does take quite awhile if you are wanting to make money blogging which I personally don’t recommend using as the main method to make money online.

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment. Yes, it _can_ take a while to make money with a blog, I think I’ve mentioned this in virtually every article I’ve written … but if you read the o9ne I pointed out here you’ll see this fellow was making non-trivial cash in the first month. I made money the first month that I blogged too … and that was Oct 2004 … I don’t make money like the “big boys” … of course I don’t work at it like they do, either, but I haven’t yet had a month I didn’t make money … and especially since I repurposed this blog and started talking about making money on line the onthly income is climbing nicely.

    We’d be happy to hear your recommendations … you state that you don’t recommend blogging, but offer no alternatives. What have you tired?

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