Making Money On Line Even If You Have No Money — Part 2

My post on Making Money Online Even If You Have No Money a few days ago has proven to be quite popular.  I wrote up 10 proven ways you can earn money with just your keyboard and no investment.  Here’s an 11th possibility that just came my way via the DoshDosh blog … Thanks, Maki.

The opportunity?  Getting paid to answer questions.  Just AnswerJust Answer is a nice service that matches questions with experts.  The business model is simple, the person with the question promises to pay a fixed amount for a satisfactory answer and Just Answer forwards the question to its field of experts for a response.  If the response matches up satisfactorily then the site collects the money, keeps a percentage and pays the rest to the answer provider.

That’s where I see a lot of retirees fitting in.  The one thing most of us have is expertise in a very diverse filed of subjects.  If you enjoy helping people and getting paid for it then this might be a good fit.

You won’t make a fortune here but the potential to bring in dollars is certainly there, and remember, as with the first 10 suggestions, there is no money investment at all, and no hidden OTO (One Time Offer) or other hidden “upsells” like so many other marketing shills annoy us with.  You sign up, answer questions and get paid if you succeed … no BS.

You can learn more about becoming an expert at Just Answer here.  Or you can try the program out by asking a question in the box over on the right … you can change the category to something aside from “Finance” if that doesn’t fit, and you will not pay anything if the answer doesn’t meet your needs.

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