Making Money On Line Even If You Have No Money — Part 3

Just time for a quick post here about paid blogging. As I said a few days ago there are many, many opportunities out there for people who can string a few words together and … important for us seniors … have some expereince they can use to write about!

It’s the weekend and many are pursuing ogff-line hobbies — I hope. But here is just one link to whet your appetitie if you want to be mai=king money before Monday morning: Paid Blogging Jobs

Yep, you read what i wrote correctly. there’s just one source … of many … 5 pages at least of listings of people who need to pay bloggers (they p[aid money for the job listings to begin with). I saw a couple I wouldn’t mind applying for myself … I have an idea manyof you would also.

The ads I saw seem to be mostly from big name, decent blogging nertworks … and some direct corporate blogging gigs. You already have a keyboard, a screen and an internet connection … you don’t need a domain name, a website, a credit card ot any of those scary things. Do _not_ tell me you can’t make money on line!

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