Making Money On Line Even If You Have No Money — Part 4

OK, I’ve made a number of posts now on ways to make money on line, suitable for seniors … no computer “geek” knowledge and no investment … zero risk and thus infinite rate Of return (ROI) on your time.  I thought I would do about 2 or 3 posts on this subject but there are so many opportunities out there I can check them out and blog about them fast enough.

Now one thing that some of my more conservative and savvy readers may be saying to themselves is, “All well and good, but many of these opportunities are with unknown, far away entities.”  Fair enough.  A person’s time is valuable also, so why not look for opportunities with well known, highly successful corporations?  I hear you.  What would you think about becoming an independent contractor under a formal, written agreement with Google?  one of the most profitable and well-known companies on the ‘net, world-wide?  here’s the pitch:

Google Inc. has launched a program called Google Local Business Referrals to get up-to-date information about businesses across the country.  If you are a user of Google Maps (and you’ll find it a fascinating tool) you already know that there is a local search feature that will help Google Map users find businesses in a particular area.  You can also search in the regular Google search page with a location added to your query and Google will try to return results close to the location you request.  But there’s a problem … and even a company with the scope and resources of Google needs a bit of assistance.  The information on local businesses has to be gathered, and important facts like hours of operation, phone numbers and such have to be gathered.

Google is paying independent contractors, called business referral representatives, to visit local businesses to collect information about them — including their addresses, hours of operation and the types of payment they accept — so it can be added to Google Maps. While at the businesses, the representatives also will tell the companies about Google Maps and the AdWords advertising program.

The representatives will take digital photos of the businesses or their products for posting on Google Maps. The information is then submitted, electronically of course,to the Google Maps Local Business Center.

Google will pay up to US$10 for each referral that it approves and verifies. The company said it won’t reimburse the representatives for the money they spend on things like gas, computers and digital cameras, but it will cover the costs of printing handouts given to the businesses.

So you register with Google, have flyers printed up, at Google’s expense, and visit businesses, dropping off the flyers, taking a picture or two (hint, take a picture of the door with the business hours written on it, saves a ton of time) and Google pays you $2 for each submission accepted and an additional $8 for every business that confirms their data with Google … and Google sweetens the deal for the business by giving the business owner $25 in free Google AdWords credits as a “get aquatinted” offer.  Better move quick on this one … if you like to get out and about as well as surf the potential for $50 to $100 a day from Google is right there waiting. 

Do not tell me you can’t make money online!


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