Making Money On Line Even If You Have No Money — Part 6

Time for yet another Making Money Without Money post.  I have a tiger by the tail here.  I’ve been making money (modest amounts) on line for several years now but until I started rejuvenating this near-dead blog and learning about this particular subject I never realized how many opportunities there were out there without even having a blog or any other website or making any investment at all.  That’s one thing that is really intriguing about the Internet … unless you are blind or uncaring it is impossible to stop learning.

here’s a site I’m offering up for further learning today.  You can follow me through on this … I’m learning too.  I can not vouch for any of the offers here (yet) but a quick glance shows a lot of scope for zero-investment income.

As always, read the fine print, do NOT part with any cash unless you are positive you know what you are doing … but venture forth and try.  If you wait for money top fall into your hands by magic you can be pretty darn sure it won’t happen.  But if you invest a modest amount of time and effort you can be pretty sure some dollars will accrue.

A very brief explanation is in order here.  Affiliate marketing.  In simple terms this is the process of signing up with some one who is selling something as a “referrer”, a “recommender” or perhaps you might prefer the term “sub-salesman”.  The person enrolling the “affiliates” promises to share in the profit of each sale or “action” desired … perhaps filled out membership application, the downloading of a piece of software, the completion of a survey, or, you name it.

Affiliates normally have a blog or a web site that showcases kinks to the paying affiliate “master” site, but as you explore for yourself and learn here it is fully possible to become an affiliate for some programs with no web site at all.

Suggested reading:

Yaro Starak’s Blog Profit’s Blueprint … this is a lead-in to a course that Yaro sells … but the Blueprint is 100% free and worth a lot in overall knowledge.  I highly recommend it. (I highly recommend Yaro’s ‘for pay” mentoring course, Blog Mastermind as well, but this post is about zero investment opportunities)

John Chow’s Making Money online eBook.  this is actually more of a compendium of John’s better posts that a purpose-written book, but it is extremely valuable because John describes the ins and outs of the affiliate ,marketing business in some detail.  Go to and sign up for John’s free newsletter and you’ll get the book as a freebie.

Perry Marshall’s Five days To Success affiliate marketing ecourse.  Perry is a recognized expert who has been making money for some years now.  Yes, you will get other emails along with this course, but you can always unsubscribe.  I think the lesson’s you’ll learn here are worth way, way more than hitting the delete key a few times.

Remember … zero down and nothing per month.  make money even with No Money … do not tell me you can not make money on line!


  1. You have a “tiger by the tail”? Dave, hehe, I would suggest you let go before he bites off your head off.

  2. Nope, it’s much more fun to hang on and enjoy the ride. Besides, it keeps me of the streets and out of the bars 😉

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