Making Money On Line Even If You Have No Money

Making Money On Line Even If You Have No Money.

(Last updated 21 August, 2017)

This article was written more than 5 years ago.  Things change over time in the online world, for sure.

But most of the methods I talked about here are still very valid today, and there have even been a few new avenues of pulling in cash that have shown up, even if you have absolutely nothing to invest.  Read on.

Ways to supplement (or make all) your retirement income online have a lot of interest.  I need to write more and more and more on this subject, for sure.  One of the great things in the online world, though, is that most of the information is already out there.

Here’s a great post from the CPA Affiliates blog with my own comments, clarifications and suggestions:

(2017 update — I think there are way more than just 10 ways to earn, starting from scratch, with just a “baee keyboard”.  I’m not selling anything here and my first rule for you as you read is, don’y buy anything until you make at least your first dollar.  Promise?)

10 ways to make Money without Money Online

1.  Write on a topic using blogspot or WordPress blog and then monetize it use AdSense or CPA offers to make money off the people that visit your site.  Blogspot and WordPress naturally rank well in search engines so it won’t take long before you get some traffic.

This is for sure one of the best ways to get started.  The whole reason I got into this business is because I started a blog to draw people’s attention to my “brick and mortar” business.

It worked.

I got many calls and emails from people who had read my blog articles and wanted to learn more.

Made some real-world hardware and software sales directly attributable to the blog.

As part of learning to blog I came across all these references to Google AdSense, and signed up for an account.

Pretty soon Google started sending me money.

You will not make a ton of money, certainly at the beginning, but you will make money and you invest absolutely nothing but spare time.

Hint: Don’t write about blogging .. often known as a “meta-blog”. 

And don’t bother with your cat, either.  Or maybe your cat is a good subject after all. There’s a site that’s been around for years now, that rakes in in the neighborhood of $500,000 A Month and basically, it’s just cat pictures and cat stories.  Hmmm…

But On More Down To Earth Subjects

Were you a banker?  A contracting officer?  A plumber, a truck driver, a sales manager, an airline pilot… whatever career you are retired from has current potential readers.  things like “Top Ten Reasons The Loan Officer Turned You Down” written from your experience will pull readers … and ads that pay.

2. Find forums to post on that allow links in your signature and put cpa offer link in footer that would appeal to the visitors of the site. Then just get to posting, make sure your posts are good and on topic otherwise you will end up getting banned.

There are dozens and dozens of forums across the Web.  There are some that cater to whatever your interests are … retirement living, travel, technical issues of your former career, learning new skills, you name it, just “Google” on any subject that interests you.  You can find plenty of advertising networks that will give you a link for your signature block on the CPA Affiliates site … as just one of thousands of sources.  Let’s go back to one of my earlier examples.  Suppose you were plumber and you find a forum about plumbing subjects.  Look for a school that offers course in plumbing and pays a handsome referral fee to anyone who displays their link.  use you existing knowledge and experience to capitalize on the Web.

3. Get paid to post in forums. Many people are looking to give their forums a bump in users or to help kick it off so they will pay people to sign up and make posts anywhere from a few pennies to 30 cents a post. Again quality gets the higher pay.

There are always dozens of forum operators trying to drive traffic (people) to their sites.  People don’t like to read or post in “empty” forums, so owners pay either directly or through traffic services to draw people to their forums.  Again, Google is your friend.

4. Get paid to write articles, press releases, or blog posts. Many people are looking to outsource and will pay people to write their content for them. If you are a decent writer you can make some good money doing this (some people make a living at it)

This is a fast-growing segment of the online market because “content is king”.  People need content for their websites, blogs, sales letters, ebooks, whatever you.  There are a number of services who put potential authors in touch with pay per production buyers. is one of the larger ones.  there are ads there everyday describing writing assignments … what’s required, time limits and terms of payment.  You are qualified if you can string words together and have access to a keyboard … and you would likely not be here reading this if you didn’t.  I’ve seen many assignments ideally suited for those with wisdom, maturity and expertise in non-web subjects … most retirees can compete well against ‘web gurus” in non-web related subjects.

5. Get paid to submit sites for directory listings. This one will not make you a ton of money and will take more time but you can make money doing this. If you decide to do this make sure you tout that you are HAND submitting to the directories, and make sure the first few people you do submissions for are 100% correct categories titles etc..

Directories “built” the web and they are very important to people trying to expand and “build out” sites and blogs.  I see a number of folks making money every day whose entire business investment has been to post on a webmaster’s forum that they will submit sites to X number of directories for Y dollars.  If you do what you say you will in a timely manner you can find plenty of customers.  And while the advice to “hand” subscribe is very important in my view, there is free software available to help you find the directories and keep track of the submissions … a whole potential “business” in one download.

6. Build myspace friends list then sell account. People will actual buy your myspace account from you especially if you built it up yourself and don’t have bots auto inviting thousands (even if you do people will still buy but pay less)

This may sound silly, but I never said these money-making tips were “profound” or that they would “cure cancer”.  people use MySpace and they want lists of friends.  They are willing to pay for such lists.  make an account, build lists, sell your account.  Repeat as necessary.  It takes nothing to start and account and nothing but your time … and people skills to build a list.  You will find many people on services like MySpace who literally have zero social skills.  An experienced person who can be genuinely friendly and who can be polite and patient can make friends with ease.  And where do you sell this account when you are done?  At the risk of repeating myself … Google.  there are hundreds if not thousands of sites that “broker” these deals

7.Take surveys online and get paid (pinecone research is best). Never pay to join a survey club or site as most of those are scams. All the legit ones are free to join. You can get paid anywhere from .25 up to 100.00 dollars to take surveys and even test out products (I did this right after college just for fun and got some cool stuff to test out)

People who want to start or build up online businesses need, sometimes desperately need surveys completed.  How else will they know the viability of their proposed business idea.  If they are trying to get business loans or venture capital investments this becomes even more important.  They won’t get the number of folks needed to complete the surveys in a timely manner just by putting a survey form on line … so they buy survey takers from service companies who provide them.  Sit and click, sit and click, sit and click … for cash.  Hard to turn down.

8. Build up post count on popular forums then rent out forum signature or avatar for a monthly fee.

Clever and crafty this one.  Research popular forums … especially ones who give prizes or special incentives to popular (prolific) posters.  become prolific.  Then, for a fee, let someone else “be you”.  Sounds a bit silly, I know, but it’s not illegal, immoral or fattening and people genuinely want to buy these services.  Who are you to tell them how they should spend their money?

9.  Get paid to build links for sites or manage link exchanges for sites. Basically you will track and solicit sites for new links for your client. This may mean you are doing just exchanges or maybe your client has money to spend on links so you can offer payment to these sites in return for a link. If you are good at using Google for finding sites on topics this could be a good one for you.

This is one of the most business-like ideas in the list.  Much of a site’s revenue potential depends upon its Google Page Rank (PR).  If you look up the Page Rank for you’ll see I am currently a meager PR 2.  One of the big determinates of how Google will rank me the next time is how many sites of higher rank link to me.  Most importantly that those sites that do link have relevance to our main subject matter here … retired pay.  There are companies like Text Link Ads who have built a big business out of selling links from higher ranking sites to lower ones.  But you don’t have to “sell” links.  You can go to website or blog owners and offer to get them links to other sites, then approach the owners of those other sites and ask them to give a reciprocal link to the site you are trying to promote.  It’s done all the time.  As suggested in the quote above you can just use a search tool like Google to find related sites … or you can find excellent online tools that do this for you … and then approach the owner of the site in an adult, friendly way  and ‘sell” him or her on the link exchange.  How to find people who want this service?  Again, just a one-liner in a popular webmaster forum or two will get you customers.  There are so many “flakes” in this business that anyone who does what he says he does and acts in a business-like manner will get work.  You offer to get links to x number of sites for Y amount of dollars or you can work it the other way ’round and collect a list of people who will link exchange and offer that “inventory” for so much per link.  It’s very common for these sorts of deals to be day for a month or so, so the market will never saturate.

10.  Gold Farming: This is my personal favorite to search … this didn’t come from the referenced article.  It sounds too good to be true, but it has become a big online income source.  Take a popular online game that requires the player to collect weapons or power indicators such as gold.  Collect a lot of gold.  Then sell the gold credits in the game to people who can’t or won’t spend the time to get it on their own.  Another huge related business is building up properties and other desirable investments in the online game “Second Life”.  There are dozens of virtual “Donald Trumps” out there playing the game, building up something of value and then selling it … for real money .. to other players.  This is potentially huge.  And, again. it costs nothing to get into … and is a shoe-in in many ways for retirees because most of us know a lot more about the ins and outs of business than many of the impulsive younger players who want what they want and want it now.

OK, there’s 10 .. or more … real ways that you can make money on line .. and absolutely no investment is required for any of them.  Stop playing Solitaire online or yakking with other retirees about the cost of health care or who should succeed George Bush.  Make some retirement money instead.

Making Money On Line Even If You Have No Money.


  1. Gloria Allen says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    I’m a writer who is prolific I have lots of articles on but they barely pay anything at all. I’m looking for something considerably better.
    I have tried making $ from a website but have failed miserably. The whole thing (ie attracting traffic) is too overwhelming.
    Is there anyway/place/site that you know of where I do NOT have to have a website, no money down, and can make money just writing content that pays well?
    Thanks for your help.
    Gloria Allen

  2. Gloria Allen says:

    Thanks for sharing your pointers.
    I am a writer who is broke, even though I am extremely prolific. I love writing for but they barely pay. I’m looking for something considerably better.

    I have tried to my utter failure having my own website – I have been unable to attract traffic. Too overwhelming.

    I am only interested in writing CONTENT for others and getting paid well for it. My expertise lies in herbal, wholistic topics; astrology, numerology and predictive esoteric topics. Any suggestions?
    Gloria Allen

  3. Hello Gloria,

    Thanks for visiting and for your very valuable comments. You are in the same place many are … and you have great advantage, you like to write and you write well (you might not believe it, but I’ve had comments so poorly written that I have deleted because I felt they would just be too embarrassing to the comment writers if literlate epeople read them … I kid you not. I cna make severla blog posts out of your questions, and perhaps I will ..but here’s a couple quick suggestions.

    First, be of good cheer. I don’t think your goal is at all unrealistic. Take a look, for example at: Steve is almost unknown to many of the MMO (Make Money Online) crowd, but he is one of the most consistent earners online. He writes .. and writes… and writes some more, often on pretty esoteric subjects. He _does_ have his own web site, but it’s a very plain WordPress blog that virtually anyone cna duplicate. Steve’s wife erin alos makes a substantial income from “new afe” pursuits like giving readinsg and lie coaching. There’s an encyclopedia of ‘how to make money writing’ articles there.

    Visit my freind Courtney Tuttle’s site, especially this article:

    Quality free article distribution is hot these days. I’ve heard of but never even had a chance to visit … you should also consider a preses on Squidoo, HubPages, etc. They don’t cost anyhting and are an excellent place to get you name out there … ind of like handing out your business card to thousands of folks at a trade show. Court my be a bit too ‘web sitey’ for your liking at the monet .. once burned, twice shye’ but believe me, you’ll get back into it if yu start with the right business model. You don’t have to chase traffic, traffic chases you.

    There’s also a wealth of information on my friend Chritine O’kelly’s site, self made chick. Christine makes money essentially by writing and I love this article:

    Frankly, if I loved writing (I don’t, although I seem to do alot of it), I would just start out as she did, approaching SEO and Web Design companies and even “cold writing” tou 20 websites a day, with the message, “Your site sucks, if you hire me to rewrite uit, it won’t”. Nothing required but an email address and a willingness to tell people how their site really needs you.

    Amywa, too long for a comment already, but I hope this will give you some ideas … along with others who may have similar questions.

  4. Thanks for the incredible path to opportunity. I am bookmarking this post so that I can research your suggestions completely. Awesome.

    Paul Dumas’s last blog post..What does the 2nd Amendment have to do with gun control? Montana gets it right.

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