Making Money Online With No Money — Continued, Some More

For those of you anxious to read my next post in the eBook Answers series, don’t despair, it’s being worked.  It just that I have found so much more new information that I need to test and condense some great new techniques I’ve found … be with you shortly.

Meanwhile some of you may be interested in using your experience and talents in something more concrete that pays off quicker … even if it is only as a way to get your “feet wet” in this online stuff.  before you start a blog, build an online product or explore any of the other more “building a business” style opportunities.  What if, you might be thinking, someone would actually make this Internet something more like an old-fashioned job, where I put in some hours using my skills and got paid for it in real, actual money?

Well, here’s a couple sites you can pursue … real-world get paid for blogging or other writing work.  Nothing needed but a keyboard and the ability to string a few sentences together on a regular basis.  I have no connection with any of these services and they are presented in no particular order purely as a pubic service:

ProBlogger Job Board  Run by my good friend and blogging mentor Darren Rowse.  Recommended.

BloggerJobs  don’t know these folks, recommended by several whom I trust, check them out.

Deborah Ng’s blogging job listings Work at home mom with lot’s of listings.

Writer’s Weekly The “Old fashioned” single source.

About 20 or more here:  Where to Find Writing Jobs Online

And of course the granddaddy of online resources, CraigsList  Remember these are organized by area/city but in many cases you can qualify no matter where you live … the beauty of making money on line at work.

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