Making Money Online With No Money — Warning, Work May Be Required

Some more about actual on-line and “at home” jobs.  I posted yesterday about sites where retirees and seniors could find paid writing employment … mainly for those who are not ready to make the leap toward actual entrepreneurial activity.  It’s already the most searched for post I ever did, I had to get more bandwidth from my service provider last night.  I can’t argue with success, so I’m going to provide what people want.

There are thousands of sites online about work at home offers, making money online and telecommuting opportunities.  Some are so-so, some are absolute drek.  No way I could get to and evaluate even a small percentage of them, so, like last post, I rely upon reliable friends.  Yesterday, my friend Kumiko at the CashQuests blog published a great review of another online company that impresses me: Here’s Where To Find An Online Job, at a site called .  There are, unfortunately a lot of less than savory folks online and one way to know if a site is even worth your reading time is to see how they address the issue of protecting yourself from scams.  Instead of seeing some “exclusive, time limited offer” ad copy are these excellent tips:

There are thousands of legitimate jobs posted on our board; unfortunately there are also some not-so-friendly listings. Please review the following before applying for anything:

  • Be cautious of any employer who charges a fee to employ you or find you placement.
  • Avoid vague offers as these are often scams. If the employer is not willing to specifically describe the position they are offering, you probably don’t want it.
  • Be cautious of any employer offering employment without an interview (either in person or by phone).
  • Please investigate thoroughly any employer requesting that you transfer funds or receive packages for reshipment, especially if they are located overseas. Most of these employment offers are check-cashing or shipping scams.
  • Do not provide your social security number or any other sensitive information unless you are confident that the employer is legitimate.

So go, read and learn … there’s a lot of opportunity out there to make money and empower yourself in retirement.  Instead of worrying if you have enough money, just make more!

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