Making Money Online With Words

My readers want more … about ways to make money online, that is .. and so I will certainly provide.  Here’s a very nice website that connects a number of the themes I write about all in one neat package:

  • Provides a very useful service at a very reasonable fee.  The web site URL can easily make or break a small online business, especially in the early stages and this is one of the few services I have seen that really does anything to help in this sometimes difficult task.
  • Is an excellent example of taking a simple idea and implementing it … at very little cost … to a world-wide audience.  Rather than many schemes which focus on very narrow niches, can draw business from the entire world of the Internet with (as yet) no end to growth in sight.
  • Can be done by anyone … you don’t even have to know HTML from php or PPC from CPC, nor do you need to care … you merely need to be able to put words to use in ways that will appeal to others.
  • Shows an excellent use of the “viral marketing” principle.  In addition to their standard fee, offers one free domain name to any recognized blog who writes them a review.  Win win.  They get advertising and visibility they couldn’t get otherwise and, since I do have a need for a good domain name for a project I have in mind, you might say I am getting paid $50 to just write this post.

So take a look at:

If you want to:

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  • Become a domain entrepreneur by taking advantage of their bargain rates to get a URL that will sell for way more than their fee.

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