Market Your Knowledge With an eBook

Yesterday we talked about how to make money virtually instantly by clicking on offers from GTP (Get Paid To) sites.  I hope you have given that a try, just for the little rush you get when someone actually pays you for those hours you have spent sitting at the computer.  But the income potential for schemes like that is certainly limited and there are other reasons this may not “feel” right for you.

Maybe clicking for cash seems a little bit to risky and gimmicky for you.  Can’t say as I blame you.  Also, many Internet gurus … real ones, not “come on” artists will advise that the way to real and substantial business income is to “build” and market your own product.  Whatever could the average retiree sitting in front of a keyboard and the Internet do to make a “product”?

Once again, as you have heard from me before, virtually every one of you out there who has the money to pay their electric bill and ISP fees already has a number of products “inside” you … knowledge and experience of navigating life’s twisty channels over the past 50, 60, 70 years.  Who wants that knowledge?  You’d be surprised.  Many people.

In addition to what you already have locked up there in that brain of yours are the skills to find knowledge and put it into useable, saleable format.  Ever want to know about something and purchased a book to help you learn and then found the book to be worthless?  Yep, thought you had.  This experience was valuable for one reason.  It taught you something about what intelligent people want, and what not to provide to fill that “want”.

Business ideas (solution to the problem)?  Produce you own eBook … electronically distributed book … on subjects you re interested in or other subjects you know people want to do more about.

  • Pick a subject (Just use the ‘Net to find out what people are searching for, if you don’t already know)
  • Research the subject (again, the ‘net provides a virtually inexhaustible research library)
  • Write the book (If you don’t want to do it on your own there are many decent writers online who want to do it for you)
  • Market the book (again, simple free web sites, payment/fulfillment house and online banking do all the “heavy lifting”)
  • Rinse and repeat as many times as you desire.

Here’s the site of a husband and wife team. Andrew and Daryl Grant, who are doing this very thing and making a substantial income … in the range of $250,000 (US) per year.  The reason I’m including the link here is that I know, by reputation and experience, that they are honest and straightforward.  In addition to their proven eBook income they do sell a training/coaching/consulting service, but by all means visit the site and download the package they give away to explain their business in great detail.  This is not one of those “Affiliate Links”, you aren’t increasing my profit by following it … I’m providing it purely as a bit of information I know you will find valuable, even if you don’t choose to pursue their actual course.  The information is true.  Do NOT tell me you can not make money, reliably and honestly, on line.

I’ve published a lot more about producing and selling your own eBooks on this page.

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