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Passionate Earning

You’ll recall I have mentioned often there that the number one thing, above all, that you must do to make money online is to do something.  Of all the reasons people fail, there is no reason that even comes close than paralysis by analysis.

The other thing I mention frequently is to do something that you are passionate about.  If you do something, and do it in an area that you care about, you’ll attain some success, I can guarantee.

Want Passionate Proof?

Just recently I was catching up with Passionate Earningsome of the latest posts on John Chow (remember, I’m not smart, but the masters are and they share and share a lot).  You go read this Making Money By Blogging About Your Passion  for a good example of what I mean.

I read about the Chevy Volt probably several months ago … I think I even used a picture of it on one of my blogs, but it’s a “concept car” and it’s way out there in the future, so how would that relate much to today?

Well, since that first mention that I saw, even old “Oil Is Our Salvation”, “in Saudi We Trust”,  Dubya has finally been forced to realize what the shrinking supply of oil and the even faster shrinking US dollar require something be done … and he signed a bill demanding fleet-wide 35 mpg fuel mileage from Detroit.  (Actually, he probably got a look at the bill for filling up Air Force One on foreign soil paying in US dollars, but anything that wakes people up will help.)

Well 35 mpg is nothing, even with today’s technology, but with tomorrow’s technology the US can field a lot of 60 and 70 mpg marvels, to make up for the gas-guzzling Hummers they love to build and Americans love to buy.  Hence, the Volt is on people’s minds along with a lot of other economy measures.

Lyle Dennis likes the idea of electric cars and alternative fuels … for a cost of nearly zero and the work of putting together some posts about his passion he built .  In less than 11 months online Lyle had a Page Rank 6 site with over 1800 Google back links and very decent traffic stats to build upon.  (By the way, Lyle is not a car professional .. he’s an M.D. and this is his hobby … you don’t need to go to engineering school to write about your passion)  And yes, I mentioned work, but read what John Chow said about the work, he echoes my sentiments but says it better:

It’s Not Work If You’re Passionate About Your Topic

Lyle’s passion for the Chevy Volt has translated into 273 posts about a car that is still at least three years from production. Is that hard work? To me, it would be. However, I’m not as passionate about the Volt as Lyle is. For Lyle, finding information about the battery-powered Chevy isn’t work, it’s relaxation! …

So what’s your passion?  The new Corvette? A desktop lathe and milling machine with output that rivals the big boys? A new recipe that Emril wishes he had thought of?  A marching band you’re working with who is going to the Rose Parade next year?  The 1978 Cessna 150 you bought and are restoring in retirement so you can finally earn your ticket?

There’s a Market For Every Passion

It really doesn’t matter, as long as you care.  The words will flow once you decide to stop thinking about it and make it happen.  All the software you need is totally free, the “know how” is available too, and I’m offering 100% free no strings attached, no affiliate link, no advertising, no BS web hosting for six months to get you going.  Do it!

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