More Perspective On The Non-Flat World

Not too long ago I wrote a piece titled The World Is Not Flat. The thrust of the article was about online US companies ignoring the huge market beyond US shores … especially those markets made possible by the power of the ‘Net.  It is now easy to see that it is not just online companies who are waking up.

Tide Is Shifting On U.S. Exports

Companies Finding Markets Overseas For Niche Items

By Michael A. Fletcher

Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, December 26, 2007; Page A01

CINCINNATI — Challenged by a troubled U.S. economy and the steeply falling dollar, a growing number of U.S. manufacturers are making up for slowing domestic sales by expanding them overseas, often with sophisticated products.

Once fingered as a prime culprit in the loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs, global business is shaping up as a bulwark against what some analysts fear is a looming recession. Some forecasters predict that the export boom will allow the United States to cut its huge trade deficit …

…. when it comes to custom valves that are controlled by pneumatic or electrical devices and used in such places as sophisticated pharmaceutical or petrochemical plants, Richards officials say U.S. firms have the advantage.

"We sell a niche product. The ultimate irony is that in some of these fast-growing countries, firms don’t want to buy their own stuff," Cooper said. "They don’t trust it." 

The Washington Post requires a simple email registration to read their articles … I highly recommend you take a few minutes to read this full article, it’s illuminating and gives internationalization fans like me a boost.  Learn why you should be proud of the US here.

Last year sometime I read a report about the Port of Los Angeles, documenting the hundreds of thousands of containers that flow in and out every year.  IIRC nearly 100% of the containers flowing inbound were filled with c0onsumer goods (he types on the keys of his Chinese-made keyboard while sitting on his Chinese-made chair, entering the data into his Malaysian-made laptop …. you get the idea.

More than 90% of the outbound containers … the US contribution to the world economy was …. can you guess?  That’s right, air.  Empty space.  The nation with a manufacturing infrastructure second to none, the nation that grew up supplying the world exports almost nothing except empty containers … oh and wastepaper, which we trample under our feet but which this lady makes into a multi-billion dollar profit center

So how does this tie in with my seniors and retirees making money online theme?  Simple.  With of our years of experience many of us are more world-wise than recent graduates of schools where geography is taught (if it is covered at all) by soccer coaches and driver’s ed instructors.

If you keep your eyes open you’ll see US businesses from huge conglomerates to tiny mom and pop operations still practicing xenophobia.  When you see that, you’re looking at an opportunity.  The world is not flat

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