You Can Quit Your Day Job, Or Wait For It To Disappear

It’s getting really close to 2008.  seems like 2007 just started.  But just yesterday I got an email from the office that pays out one of my annuities reminding me that I could download my IRS Form 1099R from their website.  They technically have until February before they have to furnish the form but they are already done paying me in 2007 so they are getting their ducks in a row.… Read the rest

Read This And See Why I’m Thinking A Lot About Discrimination These Days

Paul on the Elder’s Forum has published a series of articles that frankly would curl my hair … if I had any left.

I’m not totally aligned with all his opinions and I can’t verify every one of his facts … but I know enough to realize how happy I am with my decision of several years ago to leave the US, likely never to return.… Read the rest

Another Time Sensitive Item — Free, Experience Required

image Just came across this new service on John Chow … remember, I told you you’ll learn from the masters if you read them.

Why am I writing about this today and calling it time sensitive?

  • Jobs and job posting boards are currently a fairly hot item on the Web
  • This site’s approach is unique and brilliant … they’ll make money from “viral” volunteer helpers and a proven advertising platform, instead of the complex model of making job listers or job searchers register, pay, etc.
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What You Really Wanted To Know

 Users Darren Library Application-Support Ecto Attachments Make-Money-Blogging

Bloggers make money from blogging in an every increasing array of ways – but in general they can be broken down into:

1. making money directly from their blog (where the blog makes money – typically from advertising or affiliate programs)


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We’re Certainly Getting Noticed — Seniors That Is

When I shifted the focus of this blog a few months ago to seniors and retirees making money online there was virtually no one interested in the subject.  In fact I immediately ranked number one or two on a Google search for that term ..… Read the rest

Time Sensitive Recommendation

Here’s something about a program  you’ve seen me recommend before.  I wouldn’t make another blog post about this so soon, except there is a real-world time limit.

Yaro Starak who is a long-time, multi-thousand dollar a month blogger developed a great course called "BlogMastermind".  this is a private, for pay instructor-guided course that is designed to take people from square one to successful, money-making blogging.  It works.  taro’s had over 500 satisfied members over the time he’s been running the course.  On December 10th he plans to close the course to new members so as to make sure he and his teaching assistants (who also have excellent, for-real blogging credentials) can devote enough time to current clients.… Read the rest