Empowering Retirement With a Blog

A few days ago I recommended an eBook recently published by a blogging friend of mine, Pat B. Doyle called Blog Traffic Jumpstart.  I got a few comments/emails, etc. that seemed to think I was missing the mark on my post which was, of course, nothing but an announcement/recommendation for Pat’s book.  What did this have to do with my general theme of making money … aside from making money for me if anyone clicked on the link and bought the book?  Fair question.  Here’s an answer:

If you are reading this blog because you are earning money online or exploring the idea of earning money on line, no matter if you are a senior citizen or a high school sophomore, a blog is an important tool.  And if you have a blog, you need traffic.  Pat has an excellent record for attracting traffic and page rank in a short time, and she writes with clarity and conviction … that’s why.  If you need a hammer to build a fence and I know that a Stanley is much better than the Wal*Mart "thumb-buster" you are thinking of buying, I’m going to recommend the Stanley.  You can build a fence with a rock to hammer in the nails, but it’s a poor, time consuming, pain-prone way to do it.… Read the rest

Delighted To Pass this On

One of the risks of delving into the field of blogging …. especially in the little niche of “Meta Blogs” … blogs abou blogs … is that any time you are thinking you are keeping up you are indoubtedly falling behind … but that’s ok, I’m never going to be a winning runner, but I do like to finish the marathons I enter.… Read the rest

A Blog Is A Blog But Is Also A Website Or Is It?

A few days ago I posted something to give a little definition to the question is a blog a website, is a website a blog, or?

Today I came across this interesting discussion:

… It’s easy to confuse blogs with plain old personal sites, especially if you only consider blogs as an online diary of telling whoever cares what you did and ate that day.

Read the rest

Days Late But Not Dollars Short

I really feel foolish that I haven’t posted this sooner … but it’s been a long weekend for most of you and this will be just in time to give you something to get started for the coming week … I just did come more clean-up on one of my old sites that I am "resurrecting" and added another advertising  program … you … are going to do something this coming week, aren’t you … and not just read more blogs like this?… Read the rest

In Case You Think There Is No Money In Making Money

image Mark over at 45n5.com … one of my highly recommended regular reads …. presented a little opinion on the boom … or bubble, whichever you prefer, in the current "Make Money Online" bogging niche.

In case you are schooled in stock picking or some other number crunching hobby, you’ll like what you see in this chart right away.… Read the rest

SEO Is Simple — SEO Is Difficult — Pick One

OK let’s start this post off with a quiz.  Take your time, think hard and choose carefully.  The answer is important to making money online.  Made your choice?  good!  The correct answer is … either one! 

SERPS_Example_1SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a broad term for the principles of getting a website page (blogs are just specialized website pages) to rank at or near the top of search engine results pages (SERP).  Take a look at this picture, pulled directly from Google not 15 minutes ago … not the search term I asked Google for and look at who is in the very first page out of more than 3,980,000 competitors.… Read the rest