Is Having A Blog Even Worth It?

If there’s a reader of mine,less any blogger out there who hasn’t looked up at the clock in surprised and asked him/herself, “What in the world have I been doing here today”?, I will eat my hat.  Progress in this business comes somewhat slowly and for sure very sporadically.  And it’s kind of like one of those “Whack a Mole” games … whatever you are dong this moment … including, most assuredly, reading my blog, you probably should be doing something else to try to stay ahead.  Have you posted anything today?  Ahh, thought so … go do that now and then come back, my words will still be here.… Read the rest

How Old Is Old. Anyway?

It’s a fun weekend so far, and I thought I’d throw in a little something that Darren PostProBlogger_Logoed the other day which has become quite interesting to me… How Old Are You? POLL … before you do anything else, just go over to  ProBlogger and take the poll, look at the results … which may be a little surprising to some.… Read the rest

Do Quit Your Day Job

How many times have you heard the old saw “Don’t quit your day job:, often delivered with a does of ridicule or derision regarding something you, yourself, want to do.  Many of my fellow Americans, in particular, are so hung up on the thought “you must have a job” that they now even file lawsuits in Federal court to try to force taxpayers to give them free rides  … even when their jobs no longer have any function.  All I can say to them is … sucks to be you, doesn’t it?… Read the rest

What Can We Learn About Making Money Online From John T. Reed?

I’m working on a project here at the retired Pay World Hq. that has long been a pet idea of mine.  In stead of writing yet another article about yet another web guru as so many of my competitors do, I’ve decided to focus on adding some value to this “on line” space by editorializing more and debunking some of the popular theories that get accepted as fact without critical thought.… Read the rest

Empowered Retirement — Part 2 of Many

A little over a day ago I published the first part of this series about the ad story of one Phil Horstman who retired at age 55 with a nest egg of $1,500,000 USD and, at age 62 … same age as me, by coincidence, can’t seem to make ends meet.… Read the rest

Empowered Retirement — Part 1 of Many

As many of you know I choose to make my retirement home in the Philippines.  There are a lot of pros to this idea, and a few cons.  One of the negative factors which weighs on my mind often is the mind set of the Filipino which colors virtually everything they say and do, from the president on down, with the “weak sister” attitude of “Oh we are a tiny, third-world nation so everything that’s wrong is just … well, overwhelming, if only we could do something about it.Read the rest