What’s It All About, This Earning Online?

 Dave, the Retired Pay Editor in Chief I am delighted to see a nice increase in readership to the blog since I first started “re-purposing” it less than two weeks ago.  If you just dropped by and have the impression, “Gee, this guy is disorganized”, well, you’re right.  There are still a lot of cobwebs in the corners and much of the furniture isn’t in the right place … but we’re working at it, we really are.… Read the rest

Are You Making 6 Figures In Retirement? Why Not?

Recently I got an email from my friends Jon and Kathryn at www.portablelifestyle.com that laid out Five Reasons You’re Not Making 6 Figures (or Enough).  Most of their ideas resonated strongly with mine so I thought I would ‘commentize” them and share with you.… Read the rest

Taxes During a Divorce

In Divorce, potential tax liability can frequently become the tool for one spouse to use against the other spouse. If improperly used, this tool can destroy all of the marital assets. In the worst case, tax liability can seriously impact the future financial security of either spouse and subject them to criminal sanctions.… Read the rest

Is Your Military Pension Enough to Retire On?

Wondering if your military pension is enough to retire on? You’re eligible for military retirement money as early as thirty-seven, and if you’re a career military person, your retirement pension could be enough for you to retire on easily. If you’ve been in the military for twenty years or more, your pension will be a certain percentage of your base pay, and if you’ve got a career of forty years behind you, you’ll get 100% of your basic pay during retirement.… Read the rest

Sometimes You Don’t Need A JD To Understand The Law

LOS ANGELES, June 8 — A sobbing, shouting Paris Hilton was led from the courtroom Friday and ordered by a judge to return to jail to serve out the remainder of her 45-day sentence.

“It’s not right,” yelled Hilton, rising from her seat at the defendant’s table.

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An Honest $100K On Line — Wife Quits Her Job and Makes $100K

I came across an excellent blog a day or so ago, while researching answers for the number one question people come to this site with … retirement income … will I have enough to retire on … how much is enough retirement income … how can I find more retirement income … and occasionally just a plaintive cry of “Help”, I’m old and gray and broke. 

A young couple in California were both successfully caught up in the corporate world … lucky?… Read the rest