Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution

I’ve been writing about this issue for some time. I’m a “pre” baby Boomer myself, born in September, 1945.

I slogged it out for 40 years at jobs I chose mainly for the pension benefits, so I am currently ‘sitting pretty” and don’t have to worry about my Golden Years income … but I do.
And I worry about yours too, especially those who aren’t getting adequate pensions, those with no savings, those with no “juicy” investments … in short the Retirees, Seniors and Baby Boomers” that most of the “Retirement Gurus” don’t even want to write for or talk to.


It’s not always easy for Baby Boomers to switch gears as they approach retirement age. Some have never given retirement a thought as they focused on their jobs and families. Many are more concerned about their retirement


Can Baby Boomers Still Afford a Full Retirement?


Even as recent as early 2008, I was sure that I would have a comfortable full retirement. Then . . .


:Baby Boomers Strategize for Financially Secure Retirement


Baby boomers have put saving and debt reduction at the top of their to-do list to allay their concerns about retirement, according to ongoing Millionaire Corner research….

achievement-18134_640OK, so there is the problem. What is the solution?

My solution is to Empower My Own Retirement. The “Government” will bumble along, doing what they do … some good, a lot bad, and deeper in debt every day. I pay them no mind. Instead, I learn, earn and interact with people all over the world, pulling in money from my comfortable swivel chair here in my personal retirement haven, the Philippines.

You think you can’t equal or exceed my success in retirement?

You think wrong.

Keep reading and let’s learn together.


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