Predicting More Retired Pay for Retirees

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By nature of its title, subject matter and the age of the owner/operator/webmaster (I’m 65 this year, actually slightly older than the earliest Baby Boomer) this blog gets lots of readership and interest from seniors and retirees.

Many readers have a problem … month left over at the end of their money … or the fear that will happen soon.

Others have another big problem (that I share), now that I am retired, what the hell do I do with my time … as well as the business knowledge, money wisdom and genuine enthusiasm for business and helping people I earned over all those years before retirement.

I don’t play golf, so after that, what else is there?

Empowering Retirement:

Well that’s what this blog is mainly about.  I actively empower my retirement by building and growing my own online business efforts.  Oh, and along the way I make some money, too.

Many of you reading along with even the slightest interest in making money online, earning money by publishing for Google, or any of the other many ways to empower your retirement probably have a common misconception.

You think the business of Online Marketing or Internet Marketing (IM) is only for the young.  That’s an easy mistake to make because a great many of the folks who are highly visible in this business are young.

Heck, one of my esteemed colleagues and a bit of a mentor is a fellow whose been earning a full-time living online now for about 4 years … Carl Ocab …and this year he is all of 17 years old.  Do the math.  That’s right, he started earning serious online money when he was 13. Branded himself with the tag line ‘Make Money Online With The Kidblogger’ and now he earns more than his dad.

But age is virtually transparent and almost no issue at all online.  I’ve written before about seniors making money online, retirees empowering their retirement, how retirees and seniors make money with Google AdSense no matter what your age and so forth.

Here’s an excerpt from a blog post I read on the ClickBank Blog (I make money off ClickBank, for sure this is worth checking out) recently that pretty well sums it all up:

Core Criteria for a Profitable Niche Audience:

1) Online in large numbers. You can have a tiny audience (1,000 for example) and still have a solid business. But you’ll have to sell higher-priced items to those people. Internet marketing is a numbers game, so the bigger the audience the better.

2) Actively looking for solutions to their problems. Ideally, you want an audience that is actively searching the Internet for a solution to a problem (or more than one problem).

3) Have a strong emotional need for solutions to their problems. When you’re looking for a niche to serve, it’s best to choose one that not only has problems, but that is desperate for solutions to those problems. Now, that might seem like a tall order. It might seem like only some purchases are driven by emotion. But the reality is that emotion plays a much larger role in our lives than we think – including in most of our purchasing decisions.

4) Are willing to spend money to solve their problems. While all niche audiences have challenges in their lives, not all groups are able (or willing) to lay out the bucks to make their problems go away. Here’s an example: The first website I ever started was a directory of government grants for homeowners. For some reason, that site attracted a lot of senior citizens, many of whom were on pensions. The best I could do with that site was monetize it with AdSense – because my audience for that site just wasn’t willing (or able) to spend money on their problems!

5) Are underserved by the market. Believe it or not, there are some niche audiences online that aren’t well-served by marketers. If you think about your own experience searching online, this makes sense. How many times have you gone online to find something and came up empty-handed?

There’s one key reason why marketers ignore some audiences, and it has to do with one criterion that a lot of Internet marketers use to assess a market: the number of pay-per-click ads. Many IM gurus say that you shouldn’t go into a market that has few PPC advertisers, because few ads means there’s no money to be made in that market. That’s foolish logic, in my opinion, and I currently make auto-pilot profits serving a niche audience where I’m often the only advertiser. The audience? Farmers (more on that audience below).

A great example of a niche audience that fills all of the criteria above is overweight, male baby boomers. (emphasis added, ed.) This is the main audience that I target in my business.

Why is this such a great niche? Let’s put them through my five niche filters:

  • Online in large numbers. Baby boomers are not only a huge market, but are growing in number every year. They’re a significant force online now (although a lot Internet marketers ignore them), and as the Web becomes more easily accessible through more and more outlets – like the iPhone and iPad – even more will pile on.
  • Actively looking for solutions to their problems. The explosion of niche forums has provided an outlet for any group to get together with like-minded people.
  • Have a strong emotional need for solutions to their problems. Baby boomers are like anyone else – they want to look good, and feel good, in front of their family and friends. And as they age, some of their problems grow. Take health, for example. As boomers age they have more health ailments. And few problems are more emotionally-draining than health problems, particularly when a person gets into their 50’s and 60’s.
  • Are willing to spend money to solve their problems. We all know that financial wealth increases as we get older. While many teenagers don’t have two nickels to rub together, baby boomers have been accumulating wealth for decades. And despite the recent economic downturn, there are still millions of boomers who have a substantial nest egg built up from years in the workforce. Need proof that boomers are willing to spend money on their problems? Sales of Viagra were $466 million in 2009!
  • Are underserved by the market. As I mentioned above, a lot of marketers (with the exception of the makers of Viagra) ignore the above-50 group. I think this is because of the obsession with youth we have in Western countries. Everyone is chasing the “fountain of youth,” and being old is considered bad. Well, that’s great news for those of us who focus on those neglected baby boomers. (emphasis added, ed.)

So if you’re idly reading here and thinking that because of your age the path to online income has already passed you by, think again.  You are staring at a gigantic opportunity here, getting bigger each years, an while anyone can market into the retiree, senior citizen, baby Boomer market, who is better qualified to emphasize and serve that merket than thos of us who a baby boomers ourselves.

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