Publishers And Advertisers Can make Money From Selling Or Buying Text Links

You can begin to make any revenue from any Website. You can make revenue just from selling links. How do you sell links? You can join admylogo as a publisher. After that you can add Website to sell links from, or buy links as an advertiser.

Admylogo created a market place to buy and sell links. But the idea is from logo print. You can print a logo link in any publisher Website. You can look at their work in our reports. Admylogo will make a report every month or after one year.

This longer investment can make you a minimum of $3.6 to $360 per year. This type of revenue can be doubled by adding more website links. You can make it a service for many advertisers or a service for many websites that you build yourself. It is easy to manage your Website with the admylogo service.

But we may increase our advertising cost and earning’s depending on our market supply and demand. We will look at how many users will use our services. None the less we have our users and are all ready to make a link between advertiser and publisher.

Links will not disturb your content. Advertisement is just a text link, tiny text without logo images. But in the future we will start to print logo advertisements as well. We need our market to become strong enough to launch logo print.

Unique Websites that are search engine friendly will make your Website ranking increase. We just give an advertising service but at the same time we can make your Website ranking boost to high rank.

Search engine and visitors like links to other networks. That way people can go to any other network to explore their content. Now you have paid advertisements without having to worry about anything.

Publishers like to create websites but sometime they do not have the money to pay their server and domain fees. With links from our advertisers they can earn some money to pay domain and server cost every year. This method of revenue is more efficient than click or impression ads because it is from permanent links and dynamic links.

Publishers just need to copy and paste code once. The simple code is beta tested and is just a few lines. These lines of code are simple enough and are invisible to your visitors.

You can join us for free and advertise from as little $1 and make your website exposed to a larger audience. Or you can make money online by become publisher.

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