Read This And See Why I’m Thinking A Lot About Discrimination These Days

Paul on the Elder’s Forum has published a series of articles that frankly would curl my hair … if I had any left.

I’m not totally aligned with all his opinions and I can’t verify every one of his facts … but I know enough to realize how happy I am with my decision of several years ago to leave the US, likely never to return.

For a country built upon the principles of freedom, non-discrimination and equality for all my own birthplace has turned into a major disappointment.

Hate the Jews, hate the Niggers (you think a subset of Americans don’t use that word on a daily basis any longer?  Guess again!), hate the Mexicans, hate women, hate queers and … oh most especially, from the White House on down, you’re not a true American unless you hate the Muslims.  And old people … OMG, they are the ruination of society … they take up all the space in the hospitals, they no longer contribute to society and the young, productive working class is addled with the burden of caring for them.

I served honorably 38 years for the US military.  I lived, worked and occasionally even fought in foreign lands to uphold (I thought) the rights of all those named and more … but in today’s world it feels to me as if I have been duped.

You know … you’ll get a laugh out of this … Al Gore is often made fun of because of a statement he is alleged to have made that he "invented the Internet".  Actually, he never did say such a thing … what he did say is here, but my point in bringing up Vice President Gore is that during those years when the significant legislation he sponsored came into being, I worked for the USAF and was actually involved in the "nuts and bolts" efforts that made the paper laws an electronic reality … moving commercial traffic onto former government-only communications paths, etc.

Why do you care about that?  Likely you don’t, but i do … reading about these hate groups brings up that duped feeling even stronger.  The work i did, in my minor bureaucratic job was to make a resource available for learning, communication and advancement of people … not to promulgate hate … especially on a commercial resource controlled by corporate America.

OK, am I overreacting?  If you say so … your opinion is equally as valid as mine.  But I will say one thing … even if  a lot of people dislike what i say … I’m not going to form any hate groups to express my displeasure with them.

Damn but I’m happy to live in a society where people treat me based on how I treat them and how I conduct myself … not because of my age .. hint, it ain’t in the USA.

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  1. Proudfoot says:

    I’m glad your gone. I won’t visit your poor blog again. Since you are elderly, I am sure it’s no use to try and argue with you.

  2. Why would I be gone, ProudFoot … I ain’t dead … yet 😉 Feel free to argue all you want … I’ll either respond, without hate … or turn down my hearing aid.

    Got to go run an errand right now, I have to leave early because I drive so slow 😉 Be well … and if you’re lucky, you too might get old someday … many people want to but are not allowed to join the club. Dig out your antique music history collection and listen to “Somewhere Along The Line” by Billy Joel

  3. I can see why you’re so upset. As you’ve said, you’ve worked and even fought for U.S. all your life, but recent years has brought many disappointments. Honestly, I think you’re more than entitled to be upset.

    I’m just hoping that we’ve seen the bottom of it and it’s all uphill from now on.

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