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Some readers here may know that I also own and operate a poplar blog dedicated to retiring in, living in, traveling to and making a living in the Philippines.  Although I am 100% US born and bred, I’ve lived in the Philippines, by choice, for nearly 5 years now, and likely will remain there for life.

One reason is, my cable provider (costs about $10 per month with all premium channels) doesn’t carry Fox news.  Not enough illiterates here to make it pay, perhaps.

Another reason I live in the Philippines is, my cable TV costs only about $10 USD per month, including ESPN and at least 4 or 5 premium movie channels.  My cell phone bill runs about $10 USD per month too, all in.  In other words, living here is easy and cheap for a retiree … I like it.

Frequently I get queries for people, some of retirement age, some much younger, looking for ways to find Jobs in the Philippines, or other ways they could make themselves “location independent’, so that they could live where they chose, but still earn a living.

Here’s an article I published on the subject of earning a living in the Philippines, for retirees, seniors and Baby Boomers a while back, followed by some current notes.

Thanks and a big tip of the blog hat to long-time reader Vincent who pointed this out to me this morning…

Ten Sleep, Wyoming. Show of hands from anyone who has ever been there, or even driven past it? Population about 350. What would this have to do with living in the Philippines?

Well, actually a lot. We talk here a lot about earning a living in the Philippines. Mostly I write about the entrepreneurial side because I am a big advocate of getting out in front of your own destiny and losing the idea of the old-fashioned job.

People are all entitled to their own wishes though and many of them search here every day looking for “jobs for foreigners in the Philippines”.

Teaching English to Korean students is one that’s almost always available in the larger cities. Pay is low, work is tedious and hours are long but a foreigner can find work that pays perhaps $12 USD to $20 USD per day.

People also search all the time looking for ways to make money with an Internet cafe here. You already know my thoughts on that … at perhaps PhP20 per hour gross income per user, before expenses I don’t think much of your prospects.

Here’s a little town out in the middle of very little that instead of whining about “someone doing something” did something for themselves. You know I get kind of depressed reading the news about President Obama (or any other politician) planning a gigantic program to create new jobs. That’s bogus. It is not the responsibility of the US government or the Philippines government to ‘create jobs’. And neither one has the resources to do it effectively, either.

View Ten Sleep, WY 82442 in a larger map

The folks in Ten Sleep didn’t wait until some candidate got elected to ‘save them’ … to ‘bail them out’. they did what cowboys are well noted for, they ‘got ‘er done’. All they needed was a broadband connection, Skype and a “hungry crowd” of folks wanting to learn English. Prayers answered. Here’s the main company capitalizing on Americans all over the US, and the world, who are making money teaching English to a “Hungry Crowd”.

Note that the company I linked to here employs only licensed graduate teachers.  This is fine well and good.  But don’t feel that if you have been reading this far and you are not a professional teacher that I have been leasing you down the primrose path.

There’s absolutely no reason a person can’t set up a business like this right now, today, no matter where you live an no matter what your academic credentials.  In addition to demand for formal, teacher-led classes, there’s world of demand for conversational English tutors and coaches.   No license or degree required at all.

And no fluency in a formal langue.  These are coaching sessions and confidence building exercises for people who already have formal education in English, but need help in learning to use it day-to-say and to build their pronunciation and confidence level up to their already attained academic standard. It doesn’t matter where your teachers are located and it doesn’t matter where your students are located … and it doesn’t matter where the business owner/operator is located. And you can start in say the USA and move to the Philippines yourself, at will. or travel back and forth as you please.

Bottom Line: Where you live and where you want to live, and how old you are,  have nothing to do with your opportunities.

Everyone reading this post has at least basic English skills, (obviously, because I don’t write in any other language, and if you got this far down the  page, you are certainly reading at at least the high school level.

So don’t tell me you do not have a marketable skill.  For example, here’s a couple packages that can get you on your way.  Like everything I recommend, these are completely zero-risk.  You buy the program, implement it, and if you don’t like it, you get 100% of your purchase price back.

So if you are sitting there, reading this, wondering what Congress and other agencies who seem to be “out to get you” (and maybe are “out to get you”), and you want to empower yourself and supplement your income, no matter where you live or how old you are, take a close look … this package work, if you do …

How to become an Englsih TutorBecome an English Language Conversation Tutor
For Tutoring Adult Intermediate and Advanced Students
2nd Edition 2008
By James Hogan

So, what does it contain?

This eBook is over 140 pages. But don’t be dismayed, almost half those pages are exercises for you to print for your students.

That’s right. Not only do you get all the advice you need to start up your business, but the eBook contains over 10 lessons worth of exercises for your students.

That’s approximately 10 hours worth of lessons for your students!!

While no amount of exercises will cover every student, having 10 lessons worth of material ready, means you can start advertising yourself as an English Language Conversation Tutor, before you’ve even read the eBook!!! …

What else do you get?

Well, I bet it can be hard to write a classified advertisement advertising your services. Well, I’ve made it easy. I’ve included the advertising I use online to get students. Just change a couple of things like the name and number and you can use it yourself.

I’ve also included a template for notice boards that have been proven to get me a large number of students. Once again, just change a few details and you can use it anywhere. Start getting calls within days!

But exercises and advertising aren’t all there is in this eBook. 

  • Step by step guides for starting up your business, running your first lesson, planning your future lessons
  • A Step by step guide on how to teach online. A whole chapter devoted to setting up your online teaching service
  • Example advertising, email letters, phone scripts and other useful pages to make it easy to start
  • Lists of questions on various topics for discussion lessons so that you won’t run out of things to ask
  • Pronunciation exercises for your students, as well as tips to help you get them to improve themselves
  • 10 lessons worth of plans and exercises for use in 1 hour conversation lessons
  • Advice on how to get your students coming back for more.

And much more!

Become an English Language Conversation Tutor

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