Retirement Income Planning — Still Thinking You Can “Save Your Way” Into Retirement?

Retirement Income Planning.  About 95% of the information targeted at baby boomers and Federal retirees like me still revolves around the old “save and invest” model.  Many of my readers are still convinced that they can “Save Their Way” Into Retirement.

Well my question to all of you out there is, “How’s that working out for you”?

Retirement Income Planning — Are Savings Working?

Take a look at what our good friends at  My Federal Retirement just published …

Retirement Income Planning
How do YOU think this is going? Really?

Retirement Income Planning — The Mighty “G”

The Federal TSP (Thrift Savings Plan.  One of the safest. most stable, most secure and well-managed investment opportunities in the world today.  And a great benefit for Federal workers and the US Military members.

Take a close look at even the most conservative of the plans … the mighty “G” plan, the one recommended for the least sophisticated of savers/investors, and the one most often recommended for employees nearing their “end game”.

2.58%?  YGBSH (look it up in Google if you don’t know what it means).

Retirement Income Planning — I Say That’s Not Nearly Enough

That’s not even up to the massively understated government cost of living increase figures for 2011.  How are you supposed to live into, perhaps, your 80’s and 90’s on a paltry rate of return like that?

It isn’t getting better anytime soon, folks.  As I write this, Greece is defaulting on their government bonds, Germany is working overtime printing Deutsch Marks signaling the collapse of the Euro, US job news is even more bleak, and you (and I) just got another day older.

Well you may choose to sit and wait and wait for “the government” to fix things, but for myself, I follow a different route.

You might want to start reading here: 10 Ways To Make Money In Retirement — Online Updated and the give a little thought to:

  1. How many years you have left to “Save”
  2. Just what you want your retirement years to be like
  3. How hedging your bet with a no-investment, very low risk method of earning can’t hurt
  4. And the fact that learning new things keeps your brain young and active … something money can’t buy

So do you still think you can Save Your Way Into Retirement?  How is your Retirement Income Planning going?

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