SEO Is Simple — SEO Is Difficult — Pick One

OK let’s start this post off with a quiz.  Take your time, think hard and choose carefully.  The answer is important to making money online.  Made your choice?  good!  The correct answer is … either one! 

SERPS_Example_1SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a broad term for the principles of getting a website page (blogs are just specialized website pages) to rank at or near the top of search engine results pages (SERP).  Take a look at this picture, pulled directly from Google not 15 minutes ago … not the search term I asked Google for and look at who is in the very first page out of more than 3,980,000 competitors.

My Aussie friends have an acronym: FIGJAM.  (I’m Good, Just Ask Me)(you can figure out the “F” on your own).  here’s proof of how good I am!

Or is it?  Go look up a couple other terms like you’ll see here on the Retired Pay World blog like “Seniors Making Money Online” or Seniors and Retirees Making Money Online, etc.  Retired Pay World comes out pretty darn high for those terms too, doesn’t it?


But don’t be fooled.  A lot of people are, every day.  And a lot of self-styled SEO experts (I call them the “Legend in their Own Mind) types will pull up results like this to convince you of their expertise.  What do results like this really show?

They show that not many people are searching for these terms, and they are displayed often on this site, so when Google gets a request, Retired Pay World shows right up near the top.  The competition number also shows relatively few web sites and bloggers are writing about that subject.  It doesn’t mean I have any particular skills in the SEO line at all.

Change the search to the phrase ‘making money online” and there are 160,000,000 competitors and don’t ask me what my position is, I quit looking after 500th or so.  Google around with terms that you blog, or are thinking about, and see how much competition you would have, or see where your existing site shows up.  There is nothing like the boost to the ego that a top ranking can give you, and there’s nothing like watching your traffic grow every day with 80% of it coming from Google searches.  If you want to know how to get results rather than just “Googling around” then think about buying Arron Wall’s SEO Book and make sure you read Aaron’s blog.  Recommended. 

(by the way, if you do get smart about DEO you will recognize the problem my site is having as shown in the results above …)


  1. Hi!

    SEO is about key phrases people usually use when searching for something. Like Aaron said, give people what they want, when they want it. It really doesn’t mean anything if we rank for something nobody uses. 🙂

  2. Yep, my point exactly. It’s easy to rank for something no one searches for, but it doesn’t do much good (makes a pretty picture, though ;-)). It’s hard to rank for competitive phrases that will drive real traffic to your site. To make it easier I recommend the The SEO Book

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