Seven Week Project — Thoughts On Competition

Yesterday I wrote about how "ideas" for making money were much less important that executing ideas.  I’m still in hopes that i can get a few more of you to start the new year by actually taking action as we follow along with Drew’s MrGPT seven-week build a website for success series.

We’re actually starting week two of the project, setting up the site with WordPress, but hey, it’s the holiday season and no one is going to fine you for being late.  Much better to get on board now than to watch the train in the distance.

I know from things that folks have told me and from feed back Drew has recieved that many people are "stuck" on selecting a niche.  It can be daunting. 

There are a lot of tools that can help … maybe even too many … at times it gets so confusing with tools that "help" that learning the tools can be a bigger challenge than the question that the tools were supposed to answer.

I’ll recommend just two things that will help i this niche selection project … one of which will be of great value later as well as you build your site out to success.

SEOBook Tools:

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Aaron Wall and his SEO Book efforts.  I recommend the Aaron Wall’s SEO Book" target="_blank">Aaron Wall’s SEO Book" target=_blank>SEOBook itself, actually, for those of us who want to "Dominate Google" (hey, if you can’t, you get your money back, so what the heck)?  But I’m not talking about the book itself just at this moment.

Instead I recommend you go to Aaron’s tools page and look particularly at this one.

It’s quite simple to start off with.  Plugin a keyword pr keyword phrase for the hiche you are interest in and you’ll instantly see how many people per day normally search for it.  Look at the columns for Yahoo! Suggest and Google Suggest  … you’ll get dozens of similar phrases as evidenced by the sites that the search engines come up with.  A welth of ideas.

And, by the way, most people consider competitoion in a negative sense … but if there is no competition, there’s no chance of making money … becuase no one is searching in that subject … this Internet money making game is one where you have to swim where the other swimmers are.

Pimp My Page Rank New Keyword Competition Analyzer

keywords competition is, in my opinion, a vastly under-rated blogging resource.  In addition to tons of great content, the have just released one of the coolest keyword tools I’ve ever come across.  Instead of operating somewhere out in the vacuum of space, this tool takes a keywprd pr keyword phrase (think name of your niche) and very quickly pops up the top ten search results Google finds for that word(s).

Click on any of the returns shown and you see the complete rundown on that specific site in the right-hand column of the tool.

An absolutely great tool for finding out how the other guys do it … remeber, i said you have to work amongst the competition, and for taking their ideas and not copying, but improving upon.

And once you get your site into the first page .. the top ten of Google, this will be a great way to keep it there.  Recommended.