Seven Week Project — Week 2 (Almost)

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For those following along with me on the MrGPT seven week site project, you should be winding up the tasks in the week 2 segment.

I’m nearly there, still working with the recommended plug-ins Drew has been using … some of them are new to me, but look good.

opening_day Here’s how the site looks right now with just a single trial post (with lots of keywords).  You can see that the theme I used, ProSense from our friends at DoshDosh already comes with AdSense built in, so I am ahead of the game on starting step one of the monetization.

My friend John Chow posted a neat article a couple days ago about breaking projects down into small, attainable goals and rewarding yourself when small success are reached.  here’s John’s "big Picture" goal list.  You really should read his article:

For a new blogger wanting to quit his job, a set of progressive goals may look something like this.

  • Register a domain name
  • Set up WordPress
  • Make two to three posts per week
  • Get 100 RSS readers
  • Get approved by an ad network
  • Make first $100
  • Insert about 50 more mini goals here
  • Quit job

Now, you may think that registering a domain name or setting up WordPress isn’t much of a goal but for some, it is an achievement that should be rewarded. The point is to reward yourself with the achievement of each mini goal.

As John points out, lists as general as the sample are too daunting and too many folks will give up in frustration.  One thing following along with Drew’s series has taught me is that if I ever get the urge for something like a seven week project, I’ll structure it instead as a 49-day project, with a smaller, simpler goal each day.  At any rate, I’ve done enough today.

So I’m rewarding myself and my dear wife … the Unofficial Cook by going for a drive and lunch and shopping today, instead of tippity-tapping on the keys.

Get busy on your own efforts for this project, I’d love to see a whole group of people showing off their sites as well.

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