Seven Week Project — Week 2 (Still)

image Yep, I’m still working on week 2 of this pro0ject … but I’m happy, progress is being made.  I learned a lot, even about aspects of WordPress that I thought I knew pretty well.

I’ve had a few emails from people who read Drew’s blog and are either doing the seven week project, or thinking about it, and they are often stuck in several places. 

One is how do I find a domain.  Either with or without a keyword in mind, many people still haven’t learned enough about the often complex realm of domains to even buy a domain name.  Now don’t get me wrong, domaining can be a very complex art, but the basics, for a persona wanting to put up one site are simple.  A few quick tips:

  • If you have a domain name in mind, especially if it has keywords in it or is something near and dear to your heart, do not ‘expose’ it until you register it.
  • In other words, do not type it into the URL window on your browser to see if a site pops up.  There are ISP’s in the world, unfortunately, who sell speculators lists of ‘unfound’ domain names (sometimes called "nixies’ in the trade, and the speculator may quickly register the domain name, effectively ‘stealing’ it from you.
  • Do not email people unknown to you with domain names you think you want.  for example, several of the folks I mentioned in the project above sent me requests with domain names they wanted which were not registered.  Were I a crook, I’d already have them registered.  At least one was a good domain name with a very decent keyword … I was surpassed to see it was available, actually.
  • If you are registering a domain name along with web hosting … a common practice for those starting out with their first web site … make sure you, and not the web hosting company will be the "Administrative Contact" for the domain.  If you are not the "Administrative Contact", then, in reality, you do not "own’ the domain.

So how do you tell if a domain name is available, safely?  Easy.  Use a reputable search tool.  Two that I like are:  and .  Both these services also are set up to register domain names for you, but you are free to register with any registrar you please.

Both of them have what i consider a great tool as well, a domain suggestion feature.  You type in a keyword or keywords that you are interested in and the searcher will come back with lists of available names that are the closest possible match., for example, does this extremely well, in my view,

Anyway, I’m off to get the rest of those plug-ins working and do some more cleanup on … what are you doing, right now, to make money online?