Stop Blogging…POWER Blog Your Way to Massive Traffic Generation

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From Blog Creation to Blog Marketing DOMINATOR!

Hardly anyone, these days, has not heard of or had some familiarity with blogging. If you are a newbie, welcome to your Internet Market Eye-opener! Even if you have been surfing online for any length of time, and don’t have a concept of blogs and blogging, the question you should be asking yourself is this.

Do you have a concept of what a POWERFUL web promotion and traffic generation tool a blog is?

Read on…especially if you’re ready to learn an advanced approach.

It is easy to understand that a blog is a tool for communication. What is not so easy to understand is how to make a blog and blogging a two-way communication, not only with the visitors to your blog, but all across the Internet Marketing Universe!

This article, then, is a quick lesson on

How to Use Your Blog as an Online Marketing Tactic for Generating Massive Targeted Traffic, List Building from that Traffic, and Converting Your Visitors into Buying Customers.

If I directed you to every link for the following resources, it would take several articles. Therefore it is assumed that you have some basic level of internet experience with how blogs work.

Newbies set up free blogs, or pay for month-to-month service. Professional bloggers pay for years at-a-time. I, personally, buy the maximum discount rate, provided by web host provider: 3 years. So, why would you do this? Anyone checking how long you’ve been online will determine you are here to stay. The secondary reason is to get the discount rate, itself, which is substantial, and will almost always give you unlimited domains, unlimited mysql and unlimited bandwidth. Choose a host provider with a full menu of services and a history of reliability and rare downtime.

1. Set up a long-term hosting account. I paid for several years up front. Reason? Anyone checking how long I’ve been online will determine I am here to stay. The second was to pay the discount rate, which comes out to about $3.46 per month, and gives me unlimited domains, unlimited mysql and unlimited bandwidth. Choose a host provider with a full menu of services.

2. FTP upload and install the latest version of WordPress. This is the self-hosted approach. It is the only one you will take, if you are serious about building your online blog marketing business.

3. Install Affiliate Template, investing in the unlimited site license.

4. Install at a minimum the following plugins.

* Adsense-Deluxe * Akismet * All-in-One SEO Pack * Anarchy Media Player * Feedburner Feedsmith * Google XML Sitemaps * MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer * Simple CAPTCHA * Sociable * Statpress Reloaded * Traffic Getting SEO PluginTM Free Version * Unique Article Wizard plugin * WordPress Database Backup * wp-cache * WP-PageNavi * WP-Postratings * WP-Postratings Widget * wp-private * WP Auto Tagger The above list is constantly subject to my evaluation and potential replacement, as I continue to study the recommendations of other expert bloggers.

5. After activating all plugins, use the Traffic Getting SEO PluginTM Free Version to perform an amazing number of tweaks, which will optimize your blog for maximum traffic attraction and generation from Google, Web 2.0 and Articles Marketing.

6. Google for Google AdBuzz. Locate a marketer who is giving the software away for free. Install Google AdBuzz on your Desktop. Use Google AdBuzz to research and choose a profitable niche market.

7. Use one of 41 available niche headers that comes with your Affiliate Template for WordPress.

8. Use the UAW (Unique Articles Wizard) plugin to deliver tightly targeted key-word rich articles to your blog. This begins the traffic generation process.

9. Join Unique Articles Wizard and write a minimum of 10 new articles per week. Unique Articles Wizard software will generate human readable article variations into the hundreds and submit them to target article directories, which will, in turn, generate backlinks to your blog, higher google ranking and potentially a tsunami of unique visitors over a period of a few weeks to a few months.

10. Use the amazing built-in features of Affiliate Template to create product reviews and links to your affiliate and resale rights product offerings.

Expand your marketing efforts into forums, classifieds and email marketing (your own mini-course, newsletter or ezine.)

11. Repeat this process for as many niche market blogs as you have time to set up and manage.

This article only scratches the surface of the potential in this multi-pronged internet marketing, web promotion and list-building tactics. This strategy includes

* writing and publishing articles using a very power articles marketing/publishing strategy * writing product reviews – the softsell approach to converting visitors into paying customers * text ad programs (affiliate power ads and Google Adsense)

Summary: Half the battle won in the personal transition from the self-defeating psychology of viewing one self as a newbie marketer to online marketing professional and mentor is the act of investing into a Complete Toolbox of professional POWER Marketing tools. Take the time to go through the learning curve to learn how to use this professional POWER Blogging approach and you will not only see yourself as a marketing professional, you will act like one, reaping the benefits of a part-time, leading to a full-time online success in your own Internet Marketing business.

To your good fortune and online marketing success,

Timothy R Walls

Marketing Secrets Ezine

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