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SEO Search Spider Defined

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Just because a website is built, it does not mean humans will be able to find it easily. This is when search engines come in and do their job. The search engine has a spider, which gathers information from millions of sites by relevancy. The spider presents a formula and the search engine translates this through use of a certain algorithm.

Major search engines use mathematical formula for determining data from websites. It also uses the same formula to determine the importance of a website by giving it a Page or Trust Rank. Relevant websites with good search history among Search Engines are usually at the beginning of Search Engines’ results page.

Major Search Engines just don’t take snapshots of date from websites. It actually stores the information it gets to its own database. Imagine how difficult this job is if it were done by humans given the number of websites that exist today. It’s the very reason why a massive computer storage is required for this. After a data is saved, it gets compared to all the other relevant information found from other websites.

If you want to do a search on your own, you begin to understand the complexity of how search spiders do its job. Relevance and importance are also looked into each time you do a search through a search engine. A search engine does its job though results it produces for a search, which is the reason why some websites do not appear for each search.

Keep in mind that the website you submit for search engines are not always sufficient for instant recognition. You have to prove your site is as worthy to be included in the game. The main thing you have to remember is that the Search Spider easily scans and indexes your website for customers to see. This is where SEO becomes important. The Search Engine Optimizer knows the elements and language the Search Spiders are looking for and knows how to present a website to be relevant.

Search Engines continually look for websites it can assimilate. Since it has its own Spiders, it’s more like scouts. Remember the Borg? It’s from the TV series Start Trek. The Search Spiders and Borg are quite the same in what they do. Through links, a Spider follows through and assimilates websites continually – similar to how a Borg looks for galaxy to assimilate.

If resistance is futile with a Borg. The opposite happens with Spiders. You as the website owner would want to have your website assimilated by a Search Spider in all means possible. Be careful though, Spiders may not crawl your website and completely ignore it. When this happens, it means that your website has nothing unique to offer.

Your mission is to have a website running that is attractive to Search Spiders. The Search Spider, it too has a mission. And since it’s not human, it’s only meant to do its job and what it is for that is already programmed. A website is invisible to a spider if it does not posses the elements required for a relevant search result.

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Is It Possible Make Money Taking Surveys for a Living?

Have you ever heard about make money taking surveys? As far as I am concerned, making money taking surveys is relatively good option compared to other money-making opportunities. It can be quite profitable with little effort. There is always a demand for people to take part in surveys as companies are conducting marketing research by surveys.

Nowadays the web is booming which makes the marketing companies to use Internet as their medium of conducting surveys. Internet surveys are easy, convenient and have a reach globally. However, marketing companies have divided people in to specific group according to their requirement. Because of this, some kinds of paid surveys are not for everyone.

Usually these surveys require profile like occupation, income level, geographical location, education level and interests. These details are collected for the selection of right candidates to take part in the survey. The selected individuals will receive the questionnaires through email. After the completion of the questionnaire given by the marketing research, companies send payments for the completed surveys.

Making money taking surveys is not at all difficult but it’s hard to do it for your living. You have to join enough marketing research companies to get a certain amount of questionnaires. If you are getting enough online surveys then this is a great way to make some quick cash. Most of the companies are willing to pay a handsome amount of money if they can get honest opinions.

Some of the online make money taking surveys requires quite much amount of time to finish. Some of them even can take one hour. Companies love long surveys because they continue their campaigns on marketing and promotion depending on the survey findings and the rewards for long surveys are always great.

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