The Number One Thing To Know About Making Money Online In Retirement

Know Thy Time

Effective executives start with their time.

“Know thyself,” the old prescription for wisdom, is almost impossibly difficult for mortal men. But everyone can follow the injunction “Know thy time” if one wants to, and be well on the road toward contribution and effectiveness.

Effective executives do not start with their tasks. They start with their time. And they do not start out with planning. They start by finding out where their time actually goes. Then they attempt to manage their time and to cut back unproductive demands on their time. Finally they consolidate their “discretionary” time into the largest possible contiguous units.

This quote comes from  one of my personal hero’s, Peter Drucker (American management writer (1909 – 2005)).  There are about one million and one things you can focus on if you are trying to make money online.  And many of them are important and can show you a positive Rate Of return (ROI) on your investment.  So which one is most important?

That’s easy … the one element of your life that is the most valuable by far … in fact, it’s priceless, but it’s the one that you can’t buy, online or off line … time.

Sit down and decide to keep track of what you are doing with your time … especially with your time online for just one week.  The results are going to amaze you. 

Decide which of those activities is making money for you and make a time, each and every day to focus on those money-making aspects.

Put aside email, blog reading (yes even this one ;-)) during those ‘for profit” times and just knuckle down and do them … even if it’s only 30 minutes a day.

Then look at your profits and where your ‘to-do’ list is at the end of the following week. 

Again, the results will amaze you.  trust me … you can do this.  I’m not asking for you to buy anything, read anything, enter and contest of even write anything down … just do this one thing, for free, and see what happens.

If you’d like to contact me and tell me how the week went I’d be happy to write abut it … davestarr (at) or call me on 719-423-8872 … but no need … I just want to give you this tip and give yo the inspiration to try this for a week … happy money making.

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