The Seven Week Project Report — Week One “Doings”

How many are following along with the Seven Week money making site project I mentions being run by my colleague Drew over at

If you aren’t, and you’re even at all curious about whether you even can make money online, I urge you to try.  This is not any kind of scam, membership signup deal or any of the other Internet marketing "techniques" that many of you are sick of.  It’s a guy who can and does make money online showing you how to do it for yourself … no strings attached.  And, as you will recall I have offered to set up hosting for anyone participating in the program, 100% free for the first six months … just email me with the URL in your name (I’m not _as yet_, anyway selling domain names) and we’ll get you going.

If you are participating you’ll see that week two is already released, so I better get with the program, eh?

A lot of people are stuck on week one, deciding on a niche to place their first money-making site in.  And one could easily send more thna 7 weeks just weighing all the options here, alone.  So I suffest, for this exercise, do what I am gong to do … avaouid "paralysis by analysis" and just do something.  Couls it be that somtime in the future you’ll think of a better niche?  Sure.  But if you pick something now, in particular somehting you have some knowledge of and some passion for, you really can not go wrong.  You cna always add another niche site in the future, or sell the wone syou start now and change … this will not lock you into anything.  Just do something, rather than yet again read some bloggers talking about making money and doing nothing yourself.

My niche selaction?  K-1 visas.  This is a visa issued by the US State Department that allows citizens of foreign countries to come to the US for the purpose of marrying a US citizen … commonly called a "fiancee’ " visa.  Now why would I chose some semi-obscure subject as this?

Well, Here’s The First reason:

k1 visa searchThis is a screen clip from the Google AdWords tool that advertisers use when they are determining what keywords to focus on.  (if you want to know more you can
p>To get into a top positron with an ad for K1 Visas an advertiser has to spend $200 or more per day.  Some clicks are probably costing at least $2 … and Google’s share to an AdSense publisher … me … will thus be a buck or more.  (If you have not yet done so, I recommend you

If you want to learn how to make money from ads rather than spend money on them, you can


Not even saying i will use AdSense on this site … for one thing, I’m following Drew’s lead … but these figures show that the niche has both searches and relatively valuable clicks … all that is needed to get started.

Those well versed in these things may argue with my choices or analysis … and that’s fine.  I might have fiddled about for weeks and found a much better niche, but instead I am going to "git er’ done" with this one.

The Second Major Reason:

I know something about the subject.  I used a K1 visa to bring my then to=-be wife to the US, and I have been working with a number of groups … some with many members … who are also interested.  That means i can write with knowledge, I can find resource people easily and I have a ready source of at least some readers, because I know other people with similar interests.

Reason Three:

I can write with some degree of passion here.  I know the experiences I went through and what many others have also.  this niche is populated by a large number of sites advertising immigration lawyers who want this work … those $5 and more clicks seem like a good deal if they win you a client who gets billed thousands.  Some of the lawyers I now to be helpful, some I know to be money grubbers and in many cases a person is better off not messing with any lawyer and doing it him/herself.

And the Final Reason:

I have applied the KISS principle here.  I already own the domain, it has been sitting around in a parking spot on Sedo … an excellent place to Earn Income From Any URL by the way.  I’ll move it to a live site, and make more … or, I’ll learn the reasons why not.

So, enough from me … what are you doing in the seven weel program?  Will you hit 2008 with a site already under construction or will you wait for some opportunity that costs even less … I mean this whole idea is free and my prediction is, if you wait for someone to pay you to earn you may wait quite a while.

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