The Seven Week Project — Thoughts On “Ideas”

A friend spoke after my last post on selecting my niche and domain name for this project.  He seemed mystified and a bit alarmed that is was "giving away" my idea … his thoughts ran along the lines of "someone else will take your idea and run with it."

Know what I think?  Good for them if they do.  As a matter of fact, type  "K1 visa" or "Fiancee visa" into Google and there are about a million pages that have something to say about those words.  Couple million people a year file for these kinds of visas … and people from other countries search the web and click on ads to learn about them … so my "idea" is hardly original nor anything I can see an advantage in trying to make sound scarce.

One of the big problems I have seen a lot of people have getting over that "hump’ of starting their first web site and making something happen is the constant pondering over "the idea’ … and even worse, when the "idea" does come they try to rent space in Fort Knox to protect "their" idea … instead of building something and putting their idea to work for them.

You can not patent, nor can you own an "idea" … even a great idea is worth absolutely nothing until it is implemented. 

Can someone take your idea after they see it online and copy it?  Of course they can.  If your idea is truly something of commercial value, like a pill that turns water into gasoline, then you better not post it … you better get an actual Patent Attorney and get your rights protected … but I don’t think there are many ideas like that.

The only thing I can assure you will steal your idea and make it worthless in the future is "Father Time".  No matter how smart your idea is today, if you sit around waiting and waiting "until the time is right", time will do nothing but pass you by.

Among the many trades I hod a "jack" rating in is that of military historian.  One of my fav personalities is General George S. Patton Jr.  he was a man of great action but also a surprising number of words … and one of the best sayings he ever uttered was… "A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week."

It’s the end of my Friday over on my side of the dateline, for most of you it still is Friday.  Execute your plan now, before the weekend is out … do not let next week and next year catch you napping, "waiting for the time to be right".

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