There’s A Lot More To Making Money Online Than Making Money Online

Here’s an interesting discussion I came across recently that’s mainly concerned with having a happier life in retirement:

Increase Your Happiness Level by Increasing Your Number of Close Friends

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Submitted by Wesley on July 23, 2007 – 9:31pm.

One of the most important ways to improve personal happiness is to improve personal relationships. Author Gretchen Rubin who writes the Happiness Project blog and is an expert in such things calls personal relationships the major key to personal happiness. In fact in a bid to increase her own happiness she has given herself a target of increasing her friendships by three…. read Wesley’s thoughts on happiness and links here in his “Life Two” blog.

As many of you know … and for those who don’t, here’s my story … I started this blog years ago as a vehicle to talk about some of the knowledge and techniques I had picked up in the process of going through a somewhat acrimonious divorce (is there really any other kind) while I was a federal Employee (CSRS).  I did a fair amount of consulting work for my lawyer and a lot of additional reading and researching prompted by those small consulting assignments.  That’s whey there is, and always will be quite a bit of information on Federal retirement systems, the many flavors of US Military retirement and subjects associated with divorce.

However, that was long ago … and frankly reading about divorce depresses me.  I’m very happily re-married and in terms of normally defined jobs I am fully retired, enjoying life in my current retirement of choice abode on the island of Luzon in the Republic of the Philippines.  Retirement, for me, has been everything it should be so far … and then some.

But there is no doubt that living far from the US and not being around many fellow Americans could, if I let it, be a bit lonely or isolated.  That’s one of the main reasons I started blogging … to keep in touch.  Along the way I found such a sub-culture about blogging for bucks and then making money by other means online that I just naturally started learning by doing.  It works.  I make a little money, with no investment and zero risk.  But the chief value in making a small income online, for me, has not been the money … it’s the friends, acquaintances and :hangers on” I’ve met along the way.

Just recently I started work for myself a little project to not only publish more often and re-work this blog, but to make more friends along the way.  One of the really cool things about this blogging effort is that even the really “big names” are “regular guys” and very approachable. 

While it is true that, as yet, I have only met a few people face to face through blogging I have a long list of folks I correspond with regularly.  We pass tips back and forth, try out ideas on each other, exchanging notes on problems or successes we have been having and generally feel a part of a much larger community. So if you’re on the cusp, wondering if there could be anything to this writing a blog “thing” let me assure you that there’s much more of value than just money you might or might not make. 

By the way, if you want to talk one on one … or even want to try a blog temporarily to get a “feel” for things, do get in touch.  I don’t bite and I am not selling anything … I’d just enjoy making your acquaintance … and your age doesn’t matter.

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