Tired of the Same Old Advertising and Affiliate Sales Chitchat?

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I sure am at times.  I am interested in making money with advertising and affiliate sales work … I do some, and I plan to do more and to get better at it as well.  But that doesn’t mean such efforts are all there is to blogging and making money on line.  To maximize income and to keep your life from getting boring you need to be aware of other methods, and (very important tip here), you have to try other methods for yourself.

As I am sure most of you also do, I subscribe to a number of email newsletters.  One that I have received for years and highly recommend for having a high signal to noise ratio is my colleague Yaro Starak’s Blogging Tips newsletter.  (this link is safe to click, it is not an affiliate link, and no salesman will call ;-))

This morning Yaro sent out an edition worth a million buck to many of you … oops, probably too much hype there Dave … let’s say worth a potential very nice piece of change to many of my target audience … seniors and retirees making money online … people with a lifetime of experienced and (often highly specialized) knowledge.

Let’s look at this from the perspective of one fictitious reader here … Darryl Brown.  Darryl is 65 years old, spent the last 25 years of his career managing a commercial dry cleaning plant in Omaha, Nebraska and retired recently to his home in the lovely suburb of Papillion.  Darryl’s wife is still working, she’s a teacher in the public school system and Darryl has a reasonable income from his 401k investments and Social Security and has recently started subscribing to Retired Pay World (have you subscribed yet?) and a number of other online resources, hoping to learn how to change his retirement from just "ok" to ‘comfortable".  In other words, Darryl wants to Empower his retirement … that’s what we focus on here.

Now Darryl can start a blog and monetize it with advertising.  Goodness knows we talk about that enough here.  He can pick a keyword-rich domain and start selling affiliate products.  He can start selling things on eBay.  And more.  But, if you are with the program you’ll notice I didn’t write anything, yet, abut where I feel Darryl’s real strength might be … the commercial  dry cleaning business.  Huh?

I’ve never seen a blog on that subject, Dave, you say?  Nope, likely you haven’t and looking on Technorati and Google Blog Search shows that would be a narrow niche indeed.  I’m not likely to be reading about getting stains out of fabric all that often.

But I’m not suggesting Darryl try to make money from a blog about dry cleaning … not directly, anyway.  I’m suggesting Darryl’s 20 plus years experience in this huge, world-wide market is worth a fortune to many people already in that business, and a blog might be  a great way for Darryl to let people know about his availability for consulting.  Read a little of what Yaro said, and remember to translate the blogger/write thoughts to other skills …


Many bloggers, whether they intend it or not, become respected as experts in their industry. The act of writing regular content that demonstrates you know your stuff will position you as a reliable source of opinion about a certain topic.

Even if you are not the number one person in your industry or if you never intended to become an expert, a blogger who builds a popular blog is in a prime position to sell consulting services….

You can sell consulting in one hour increments over the phone, or on a per project basis or even as some form of freelancing where you provide tangible output for a fee (like a report or physical product or design spec)…


If you really love your blog topic and the idea of earning $50 to $500 an hour to talk about it and help others appeals to you – then go add a consulting page to your blog.

You may not get any clients initially, but trust me, as your blog grows simply having that page can lead to all kinds of high paying work that you would never have landed if you didn’t think to offer the service. Often the simplest of ideas have the greatest impact….

OK. I say it, and Yaro says it … what do you say, Darryl?

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One comment on “Tired of the Same Old Advertising and Affiliate Sales Chitchat?

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