Tired Of The Squeeze Page, Opt-in, Downline Drivel?

Perhaps you’re reading this blog because you are in my “target audience” of folks who want to make money online to empower their retirement.  But you aren’t interested in the blogging and internet marketing aspects I frequently feature.  Would you be more inclined something more service-oriented, something you could offer to paying clients that would bring you in an income?  Something you could run more as a conventional business, but still online and even from your own spare bedroom 9if that’s your goal?

Well take a look at this interesting article about excessive demand for SEO advice I came across a day or so ago on Aaron Wall’s blog … and tell me if it gives you any monetary, business-oriented thoughts:

The Excessive Demand Problem

About 5 people a day ask me to recommend an SEO or link builder or site designer, but many of the people I have traditionally recommended

  • have either quit providing services to work exclusively on their own sites, or
  • have long wait lists.

Add that to the increasing complexity of SEO and increasing rates commanded by top experts, and it is hard for me to recommend any specific service provider to readers of this site. There are people offering to pay me good money to do some jobs and I simply do not have enough time to do everything I want…to the point where I probably even accidentally come off as rude to some people, just because it is so hard to keep up with 100 emails every day…

Sounds to me as if Aaron (and by association SEO professionals in general) are very much in demand.  I smell honest money for authoritative, useful services provided here.

Who’s Aaron Wall you may ask?  Well I have mentioned him a time or two here on the Retired Pay World blog.  He is one of the internet’s top SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts and he is the author of am absolutely top quality eBook on all aspects of SEO … titled, not surprisingly, The SEO Book.

Aaron wrote that book and updates it daily for the primary purpose of teaching ordinary folk like you and I the principles and techniques of SEO so that we can apply them to aid our own web businesses.  But there is no reason at all that a person who wants to learn these techniques can not purchase the SEOBook, study, practice and apply themselves to the level where they could offer their own SEO consultancy services as a business. 

Just because you haven’t spent a lifetime in SEO you should be careful not to sell yourself short … there was no SEO business only a few years ago … and a person with a background in business is much more qualified to start a business than someone whose knowledge and experience is limited to chasing around ones and zeros and programming code.

Aaron’s book costs $79 … but it comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee and also gives access to thousands of dollar’s worth of free advice in Aaron’s extensive on-line SEO community site … so the entry cost is small, and totally no-risk.  Just on more legitimate suggestion I thought I would pass along to those of you who want to empower your retirement instead of whining about it.


  • Hello

    What a coincidence, I’ve just leafed through the first chapter of Aaron’s eBook. I’ve read other SEO eBooks before but this one looks like the most authoritative (looks, because I’ve not read it throughly yet).

    But even for somebody providing SEO services, a blog or a website is still needed. Your right though, this is one development field that can use more experts. I came across posts in forums from people seeking SEO services because they only have time for content development.

  • RP

    Hi Bong,

    ‘Thanks for dropping by and for your useful comment. Delighted to find that someone else has discovered the value of the The SEO Book. It doesn’t matter if a person wants to become a service provider and earn money that way, or just find the way to get their own site ranking high in the search lisitings for the terms they want to be found with, The SEO Book is the way to go.

  • I just bought the SEO book through your link this morning and so far, it’s a great read!

  • RP

    Fantastic, Drew, as they say here in my retirement homeland, maraming salmat … thank you very much. I think the information Aaron provides is second to none … I don’t see how anyone could fail to recover their investment in the The SEO Book, (after all I always brand myself as the ROI Guy) but please be sure to keep us updated on any good … or bad that you come across.

  • RP? Homeland? “maraming salamat?” Small world. πŸ˜€ Glad somebody else found the benefit of SEObook through you. Personally, I’d rather master SEO than technical web design and development. Aaron’s covers everything needed to start SEOing. Highly recommended. πŸ™‚

  • RP

    Hello JB … I’m an American living full-time in Marilao, Bulacan … and I pretty much guess it will be my adopted homeland … no plans to move anywhere else … and I’ve kive din a dozen countries and about 20 US states … so I’ve seen more than some and less than others.

    You’re right about SEO … when I changed the focus of this bog to the making money online niche I did so against a lot of good advice … the “space” is crowded, everything is just an echo chamber, etc., atbp.

    But I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors, the breadth of their interests and experience, and the scope of the niche … it’s actually a huge niche and plenty of room for more. One “best thing” to do is to learn something like SEO because it has benefit ot any site or blog and it’s something one can learn and be good at without a computer science degree and no matter what thier age or location. Cream rises.

    Thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

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