We’re Certainly Getting Noticed — Seniors That Is

When I shifted the focus of this blog a few months ago to seniors and retirees making money online there was virtually no one interested in the subject.  In fact I immediately ranked number one or two on a Google search for that term .. and you know how most popular search terms get shoved down to page 992 or something like that.

Well, the 30-something Internet marketing gurus have suddenly woken up to the fact that we baby boomers are out there, we are not "too old" to use computers, we have a lifetime of skills and experience and we aren’t content take our retirement lying down.

imageI got a promo email this morning for this opus … complete with a breathless sales page offering everything but the kitchen sink if I opted in today.  The book and the accompanying package look potentially interesting … but I can’t recommend it because the author/salesman was in such a hurry to get his sales page online before us old folks dropped dead that his buying link doesn’t work, the price isn’t displayed and his contact information doesn’t link to anything.

I do recommend things I know to be good here from time to time … note Phil Spector’s book in the side bar if you are interested in a real book by a real person who really is earning money in retirement … but I’m afraid my recommendation on this baby Boomer’s guide will have to remain unknown at this time.

I was, though, taken by the pitch from the much younger than a baby boomer marketer who sent me the original email and by a number of other pitches for this book that have shown up today.  We over 60 baby boomers are suddenly being taken seriously in the online world … we’re not just 10% of lunch at cracker Barrel any longer.

If you’re unhappy with your retirement because you aren’t earning enough income, or your day isn’t rewarding enough or the pace of life outside the old office is too slow … hang in there with me, there’s a lot going to be happening about seniors and retirees making money online in 2008.


  1. This is the kind of promo that I really dislike. I searched for the book online and the price of the book is $47.

    On his page, this guy’s spiel says he’s going to show us:

    The completely fool-proof, step-by-step road map to earning money online with no clubs to join… no start-up capital… and no risk. It’s all 100% legal, ethical, and risk free…

    The quick, easy, and proven methods to start earning a substantial online income that you can do from any computer in your spare time…

    The insider shortcuts to igniting a flash-flood of cash flow into your accounts… These little-known tricks cost me years of sweat and frustration to learn, but I’m handing them over to you for the asking…

    When I see claims like this, I go the other way. They are just not credible in my view.

    Unfortunately, there are going to be more and more of these kinds of offers and there are going to be some folks who are going to bite and then wonder why the bucks aren’t flowing in.

  2. Thanks Mike, I was running way behind yesterday and wasn’t able to get farther than on “broken” sales page … but what you found is exactly what I would have expected.

    I Really must get busy with my reviews page which I mentioned a while back … there are ways to mak emoney but folks certainly do need a compass from time to time.

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