We’re Not All Poor, You Know

Looking over my past month or so of postings about Seniors and Retirees Making Money online I come to the conclusion that I have slanted everything far too much toward the paupers and risk-adverse among us.  We should all be careful with our money and not do stupid things, but spending some money wisely on web properties is not always a bad idea.

Take the notion of getting into making money by buying an existing blog with income, readership and page rank under advisement, for example.  There are always blogs for sale … some at very reasonable prices, others in the “you’ve got to be kidding me” range … but picking one up, at a fair price is certainly a good idea for some folks.

Here are some good resources to get you into the basics of what should be going through your mind:

Micahel Pollock and Yaro Starak (part 1) (mp3 podcast)

Micahel Pollock and Yaro Starak (part 2) (mp3 podcast)

These are a bit old but all the basic principles are there, and it’s two intelligent and expereinced bloggers/businessmen using their heads to reach a no-hype decision.  Yaro has also parleyed his knowledge into a successful How To Build a Blogging Business course which I recommend if you like learning in a more structured setting.

Here’s a valuable two-part series on buying and selling blogs from ChrisG

Valuation of Blogs

Adding Value to Blogs

And just to tempt your palette a bit, here’s one I have definite urges to make a bid on myself …

Blogs for Money