What Can We Learn About Making Money Online From John T. Reed?

I’m working on a project here at the retired Pay World Hq. that has long been a pet idea of mine.  In stead of writing yet another article about yet another web guru as so many of my competitors do, I’ve decided to focus on adding some value to this “on line” space by editorializing more and debunking some of the popular theories that get accepted as fact without critical thought.

Some years ago when I used to dabble a bit in the real estate market I came across a fellow name of John T. Reed who is noted for publishing a list of rankings/ratings of “Real estate Gurus” … you know those fellows on the infomercial’s who promise you can out-rich Donald Trump in just 6 months, with nothing down and no monthly payments.

John is also a successful, self-published author, similar in many ways to out ongoing discussion of successful eBook publishers and their techniques … but John only publishes traditional, print books.  His business principles and operations, though will make interesting reading, especially to seniors who are toying with a certain amount of online business wonderment, yet unwilling to cut loose from everything they know and do everything digital.

Even though he makes his profit from paper, in the old fashioned way, John’s business is, today, very much an online business.  Take a visit to his website and consider these points:

  • Has a web presence/online catalog.  essential in today’s world, no matter how traditional the product.
  • Pursues different lines of business (real estate advice, coaching advice, etc.) within the same general space
  • Offers true value .. doesn’t write on topics he doesn’t know, and know a lot about
  • Outsources the “geeky” stuff … books are published on demand by a specialty publishing house that does that sort of work, e-commerce portion of his business is outsourced to Yahoo! Business services, etc.
  • Provides plenty of value to potential customers even if they don’t buy.

I could go on with the parallel’s here but I think these few highlights are enough.  Making money online does not have to be only about some new, strange technological dram (nightmare?).  It can very well just be the simple process of taking the success, experience and all ’round “savvy’ you had in your pre-retirement career and applying modern online marketing and customer service strategies.

Take a close look at what John’s doing here … and bear in mind, he’s, like me and many of you, well into his “Golden Years” … but John’s making his own gold, not whining to the government for a bigger handout.

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