Why Baby-boomers Seniors and Retirees Should Act Now to Empower Retirement

I’ve often said that it’s “up to you” to Empower Retirement these days.  Younger or older already, you can no longer depend upon ‘the government’ to protect you and convey you through retirement in the manner to which you would like to become accustomed.

Why Should I Care About Empowering Retirement?

I have several quite generous (in today’s world) pensions and already they are beginning to seem quite ‘thin’.  The fact that they are government based and that Congress is actively ‘sniping’ at them isn’t helping either.

Many of you reading this are not nearly as well off as I am, so I can well imagine how nervous you may feel about the future.

So what’s a “Baby Boomer” supposed to do?

Proven Ways To Empower Retirement

Empower Retirement or Starve!
Can You See the Trend? The Young Can No LOnger Provide For Us!

Well, you could just “give up” and take your lumps.  Fine with me if you want to, but I am a still vigorous 65, and when I am 85 I’ll be dammed if I am going to be easting cat food, waiting for whomever the president may be in that year to throw me a bone … likely an already well-picked-over fish bone the way the US economy looks today.

Or, I can bitch.  About 90% of the site we seniors run across written by other seniors often wind up to be nothing much more than places to vent our frustration.  We bitch about how much we are getting.  We bitch about how much we pay in taxes.  We Bitch about what the ‘Reds” or the “Blues” or the “Purples’ or whomever else we blame for the state of the nation are doing.  We keep our radios tuned to Rush Limbaugh, we keep our TV’s on Fox news and we complain, complain, complain to all who are willing to listen, and often to many unwilling listeners as well.  Well, fine with me too if that is what you like to do, but that is not for me.

Can I Empower Retirement Even If I Am Not Retied?

A third alternative?  The one I have already chosen and am deep into?  Empowerment.  I spend not 5 minutes a day worrying about what might happen to Social Security and my other pension income streams.  My worry won’t accomplish anything, anyway.  What will happen to those income streams is exactly what will happen … I have no control.

Instead, I have crated my own income streams and I am busy every day making more.  Come what may, I’m preparing, empowering and enabling myself.  My message is, you can as well.

Here’s a neat little story video from a fellow much younger than many of us here, but one who many of us have much in common with.  He did not start life being some sort of a techie genius, he started a good old American honorable job by forming his own contracting company and becoming a home builder.

Mom and apple pie and all that jazz.

Well, you know what has happened to the real estate market as well as all those misguided ‘investors’ who think that an owner-occupied single family home is an investment.  He fell flat on his face.  Predictable, eh?

But what’s much more interesting is his recovery technique and why he too doesn’t really care about what ‘the government’ might or might not be doing to shore up the sinking ship of the US housing market.  It’s short and not boring, have a view:

So what can we learn from this fellow Michael Zenga?

  • Business is for shit in today’s economy
  • The Government is not helping anyone except incompetent mortgage executives
  • The above two facts don’t matter as it’s completely possible to more than make up for lost income using non ‘Techno-geek’ skills.

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There’s no age limit either.

And if you would like to verify my ideas with other successful authors/entrepreneurs, you could do much worse than take a look at my series on Self Help for Thinking Seniors and Retirees

You too can Empower Retirement … Godspeed..

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