Why Build a Retirement Income When You Can Just Buy One

How Long Do You Plan To Live?

Remember the scary statistic I mentioned a few days back?

According to Prudential Insurance in the USA (and they know a LOT about actuarial probabilities and life spans, after all), the first American to live to the age of 150 is ALREADY alive.  Wow.

What If Your Money Doesn’t Last?

You know how all those financial advisors who hang about wanting to earn money from your retirement funds, and all those retirement planning seminars and advice books always ask that question in one form or another?

There is of course, no easy answer.  Pick an expected death date too far into the future and your income while you are alive may be artificially too low.  Your children and others who might inherit could be happy about that, but it won’t do much for your own lifestyle while you get from today to the final ending.

Pick an expected age too low and you have even worse problems.  You will end up with your “drawdown” type income .. like monthly withdrawals from you IRA, from the TSP and such ending, because you are “zero balance” and you’ll be a point in your life where you medical and other care expenses are skyrocketing and you are too old to do very much about it.  NOT a good spot to be in.

Savings, IRA’s, 401K’s, Mutual Funds and just plain old belt tightening May Not Be Enough!

My strategy is this.  Empower your retirement NOW, no matter what your age and no matter where you live.  You can’t “save” your way to real security, but you can make investments in real, live businesses which YOU own and YOU control (not some “fund manager” who is going to retire, himself, 1,000 times richer than you … using YOUR money to do it.

There are a lot of “going” concerns seniors can buy and earn from without investing either too much cash or too much labor.

In particular, a strategy I am very interested in is online business.  Not web sites per se, but actual money earning web sites.  You don’t build them yourself, you buy going business and just mange them (or hire a manager, just as if you bought a shoe store you might hire a manger, monitor his or her progress, and bank the profit that comes in every month.

There are a LOT of such business opportunities out there.   I’m going to spend some time/write some articles explaining the process, how the market works, and how you can evaluate such businesses, vet them and protect yourself from schemes, lies and other falsehoods.  It’s not a lot different from buying a conventional “dirt-based” business except for the fact that the risk factors can be kept much, much smaller, and the Return i=on Investment can be much, much higher.

And you can buy and operate (and profit from) such a business at virtually any age, and from virtually any location on earth you may choose to live.


Well here’s an example I just looked at today from a huge auction marketplace of online assets, a site called Flippa.com 




Established ecommerce store with a memorable domain name and a great PR. Comes bundled with social accounts!

15 days to go

I’m not recommending anyone buy this site, but you should follow the links, look at the seller’s accomplishments over the past few years and note especially how ripe the business is for growth.

Doomsday Preppers and other such survivalist movements are “hot” these days.  In addition several religious groups believe strongly in preparedness and “food storage”.  This business is making close to $2,000 USD per month and is currently for sale at $19,000 USD, or wherever the auction price adds up to.

In addition is totally hand’s off.  There is no inventory to mange or invest in. Orders come in, third-party “drop shippers” fulfill the orders.  The business owner could live in Mexico or the Philippines for that matter.

No physical effort at all is required, and the processes of bookkeeping, order monitoring and such could easily be outsourced.

And I see no signs that people are going to stop eating soon, so the demand for this site’s main products will trend slowly upward for as long as any of us can predict.

Again, due diligence is required before I would recommend a “buy” on this, but it serves as a great example.  Ask your “financial advisor” … for a fee of course, to put you into something like a money market fund that will net you $1800 a month and tell him/her your budget is limited to $19,000 USD.

Be sure to have smelling salts available when s/he faints.

You don’t have to live poor in your retirement folks, and you don’t have to live in the USA to make money from the USA. 

Empower Your Retirement Yourselves!

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